Where Is Yaphet Kotto’s Son Fred Kotto Now?

fred kotto

Fred Kotto is the eldest son of a well-known American actor Yaphet Kotto, who died on March 15, 2021. Fred is a retired sergeant of the San Jose Police Department, he also was a football player and television writer. He used to play as a running back for the University of Washington Huskies and it was ranked no. 1 at the time. He also has worked in various television series including The Rookie, Guilt, and Ice.

Clearly, even though he has worked in television series, he is known because of his late father Yaphet Kotto. Fred was also a boxer in the US Olympics trials in 2000. As you already know, this article is about Yaphet’s eldest son Fred Kotto and we hope that this piece will help you know something about Fred.

Who is Fred Kotto?

As mentioned, Fred is the eldest son of popular American actor Yaphet Kotto. His real name is Fedrick Kotto and he was named after his father as his father’s full name is Yaphet Frederick Kotto.

Fred was born in1968 in the United States to Yaphet Kotto and Rita Ingrid Dittman. When Fred was around eight years old in 1976 his parents got divorced. He has a mixed family background from his parents, from his mother’s side he has German descent, while his father’s side has Panamanian, West Indian, and Cameroonian.

He also has siblings, Natascha Kotto his elder sister, and younger brother Robert Kotto. Furthermore, Sarada Kotto, Mirabai Kotto, and Salina Kotto are his half-sisters.

After his parents’ divorce, his father married another woman named Toni Pettyjohn with whom Yaphet divorced in 1989, and after that, he married a Philippines woman named Tessie Sinahon.

What nationality is Fred Kotto?

Since he was born in the United States, he holds an American nationality. Furthermore, he went to William H. Taft School of Law and he also attended the University of Washington where he used to play football as a running back for the NCAA Champion Huskies. He even was one of the candidates for the 400-meter dash Olympics.

Unfortunately, before the Olympics trial of 1998, he got into a bike accident that shattered his left knee and he was unable to give a trial.

His career

As mentioned above, Fred has worked in various fields. As per the reports, before he joined San Jose Police Department in 1996, he was in finance for a few years. He worked as a police officer for over 17 years and during his time as a police officer, he was undercover for six years. During the first three years of his undercover mission, he didn’t even keep in contact with the department. After that, he joined the METRO Special Ops.

He also has experience working with both the FBI and DEA regarding dangerous groups. He was also on Crisis Intervention Team where he used to negotiate during a hostage situation. He started writing while he was still an officer and he retired in 2014 as the Supervising Sergeant of the San Jose Police Department’s Internal Affairs Unit.

He began his full-time screenplay writing career after his retirement and as mentioned he has become a part of various television series including The Rookie, Ice, Chicago PD, and Guilt.

Is he married or single?

Fred is currently 54 years old according to his date of birth and as per the reports, he is married. He was married to a woman named Stanka Vuckovic in March 2013. If the reports are true then he also has children but he has not revealed anything about his children yet.

Furthermore, talking about Fred, obviously, he is a handsome black guy with dark hair along with a pair of beautiful dark brown eyes. There is no information available about his net worth on the internet but according to the reports, his father Yaphet Kotto had an estimated net worth of $5 million.

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