Who is XXXTENTACION Son, Gekyume Onfroy?

Gekyume Onfroy

Gekyume Onfroy is the first son of the late American rapper and songwriter Jahseh Onfroy also known as XXXTentacion. Let us take a look at this young kid’s life today,

Gekyume Looks Just Like His Father

XXXTentacion aka Jahseh Onfroy is a really well-known rapper, singer, and songwriter. Since X is a pretty popular rapper after Gekyume’s birth people immediately started getting curious about him.

Gekyume was born on January 26, 2019, in Florida, and he never got to see his dad as around 7 months before his birth, X was murdered in a robbery.

He is a US citizen and is of mixed ethnicity. Gekyume was the name that X chose for his song before he passed.

X’s family has been really blessed to meet their young member Gekyume and they even had a baby shower for him. X received a lot of love during his very short career. He has a cult fanbase who like his music that primarily talks about depression.

If you look at the pictures then you may notice that Gekyume strongly resembles his father with his face.

Rise to Fame 

Gekyume became famous way before his birth because of his late father. His father is the internationally famous American Rapper, Singer, and Songwriter XXXTentacion.

X had a huge impact on the SoundCloud rap scene and he also has a really massive fanbase. X is noted for his tattoos and he also has a really great hair color. The rapper has released really great albums such as 17,? and Skins.

Two of his most popular singles are ‘Sad!’ and ‘Falling Down.’ X was killed on June 18 during a robbery at a motorcycle dealership. She was shot in Deerfield Beach, Florida. The attackers robbed him and took his Louis Vuitton bag with more than 50 grand. They shot him fatally multiple times in the neck.

At this time, X’s girlfriend was Jenesis Sanchez. Shortly after the death, the family revealed that X’s girlfriend was expecting.

It was confirmed on August 22, 2018, that the unborn baby was a boy. According to BBC News, the late rapper specifically chose the name Gekyume for the child if it was a boy.

His birthday was announced by his grandmother, Cleopatra. It was announced on her ‘Instagram’ account. X’s mother calls her grandson Yume. The family also posted about the birth of Gekyume on X’s official Instagram account. The account is managed by his family and manager however all the pictures have been deleted from his account now.

His Diamond Covered Photo Pendant Necklace

Last year on his second birthday he received a very special birthday gift. He received a diamond-covered photo pendant necklace and as you have guessed the pendant obviously has his father Jahseh better known as XXXTentacion’s photo.


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His grandmother Cleopatra Bernard even shared a picture of Gekyume in her Instagram account where she captioned “Daddy is with you always my love.”

Talking about his birthday he turned just a month ago on January 26.

His Favorite Artist is Rico Nasty

Just about a month ago a video was posted on Twitter where one of X’s family members asked Gekyume who his favorite artist is. While you may think that he took his father’s name but he didn’t instead he said that his favorite artist is Rico Nasty.

What’s The Meaning of Gekyume?

Isn’t Gekyume a unique name? while it’s quite a unique name, many may even find it hard to pronounce it at first. But this isn’t about how unique or how hard it is to pronounce his name, it is about the meaning of his name so what is it?

Billboard has stated that it is a word that X himself created before his passing and the meaning of this word is ‘a different state’ or ‘next’ universe of thought.

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