Mysterious Death of William Wedell and Agnes Wedell

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It was the 30th of January, Saturday when police found the bodies of a 95-year-old woman and her 64-year-old son in NYC. They were found in their apartment dead. A family member discovered the body. The family member alerted the cops after she was unable to get in touch with the woman and the boy. The mother died before the son according to official reports. She actually died 2 days before and on the 31st of January, the identities of both victims were revealed. They were William and Agnes Wedell.

So, What exactly happened to William Wedell and Agnes Wedell?

The bodies of both William and Agnes were found in their apartment. The location of the building was at 535 West 23rd Street in Manhattan’s neighborhood called Chelsea. William was identified by his sister. Agnes was on the couch and William was found in his bed at the scene of the crime.

Investigators later said that Agnes died a week before William. This was because she had signs of decomposition which is quite present in a rotting corpse. William died two days earlier according to the police reports.

William’s sister said that her brother had mentioned that Agnes’ health was declining just before the holidays. He told the police that Agnes was not sleeping anymore so, they figured it was because of natural causes. She also admitted that her brother was in Shock. William also revealed that Agnes might have had a heart attack.

Was it a Murder?

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The police said that it was not a murder. They did not see any reason except for medical ones. Juliana also said that it might be because of medical reasons.

The incident took place in the middle of the pandemic so, many neighbors thought of it as a Corona Virus attack. But this was not the case. William was taking care of his mother and they lived together. He used to do all the household chores and run errands. They had lived together for more than 25 years.

Who was William Wedell?

William Wedell was actually an actor. He wasn’t a big actor but he did get a small role in the 1989 film titled ‘Crimes and Misdemeanors’ that starred Woody Allen. He was also in ‘It Could Happen to You’ by Nicholas Cage. William moved to NYC in the 1980s where he first worked as a waiter. This was revealed by his sister Juliana.

Juliana also mentioned that William had moved to Manhattan to begin his acting career. His mother had followed him there and she lived with William. They had been living together for a long time. They rented put an apartment and were living there for 12 years before both of them met their untimely demise.

William’s nickname was Billy. That’s what his family called him. He was a member of the Screen Actors Guild. Her sister said that it was his dream and also described William as quite a character. She even added that a lot of people go to New York to be actors and it often doesn’t work out. But it did kind of worked out for William.

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