Why Is Mariah Carey Being Sued?

Mariah Carey

One of the most popular singers, songwriters, and actress Mariah Carey is being sued, do you know what the reason is? back in 1994, she released a song, “All I Want for Christmas is You” that became a global hit and still people love this song. However, now she Mariah is being sued for copyright infringement over this song.

Let’s dig deeper into this case and find out the reason why singer Mariah Carey is being sued and by whom.

Why is Mariah being sued and by whom?

So who sued the singer? the one who sued her is singer Andy Stone who claimed that he wrote a song which has the same name and Mariah used his style. Even though their song title is the same, their musicality varies from each other but Stone says that singer Mariah used his popularity and caused confusion, and most importantly she did not ask for his permission.

Furthermore, Andy sticks up to his statement that he never allowed or gave permission to anyone to use his song for any purpose which includes “the creation of a derivative work” however, it is still a mystery why Mr. Stone has come forward now after 28 years of the song release.

Mr. Stone further said that his attornies had contacted singer Mariah and co-writer Walter Afanasieff about the song last year but they were “unable to come to any agreement.” As mentioned in his complaint Mr. Stone has stated that he recorded and released his song in 1989, five years earlier before Mariah released hers. The song gained “extensive airplay” during the 1993 Christmas season and “began making appearances on the Billboard Music Charts.” So he believes that Mariah completely exploited his song’s popularity.

And has sued her for copyright infringement and he is asking at least $20 (€16) million. In his complaint, he has stated that singer Mariah Carey along with co-writer Walter Afanasieff and record label Sony Music Entertainment have used his song “knowingly, willfully, and intentionally engaged in a campaign” which completely violets copyright law.

Moreover, in the complaint file which was submitted to the US district court in the eastern district of Louisiana, he has mentioned that even though their song has different lyrics and melodies still it was “designed to exploit the popularity and unique style” and it has “caused confusion”

Mariah’s song is a massive hit

In the meantime, I also want to quote what singer Mariah had to say about her songwriting process. She said, “I actually did bang out most of the song on a cheap little Casio keyboard,” she added. “But it’s the feeling I wanted to capture. There’s a sweetness, a clarity and a purity to it.”

Furthermore, she wrote the song while she was in upstate New York and she got the inspiration from the movie “It’s A Wonderful Life” to write the song.

Mariah’s All I Want for Christmas is you, is so popular that it is a must-play song every Christmas. This song has been streamed on Spotify one billion times. This was one of the songs from Mariah’s 1994 album “Merry Christmas” and after its release, it became a global hit, and this song topped the chart in 26 countries.

After 25 years of the song’s release, it also topped the US Billboard Hot 100. And clearly, this is one of the best-selling holiday songs and one of the best-selling physical singles in music history. The song had earned $60 million sums by 2017. Mariah re-recorded the song in 2010 for her album “Merry Christmas II You” and a year later in 2011 she re-recorded the song again with popular Canadian singer and songwriter Justin Bieber for his album “Under the Mistletoe”

We don’t have a single clue on how Mr. Stone’s complaint will end but we do know that it is not strange or odd to use the same name or title for different songs. There are plenty of songs out there with the same name and as per the reports, Under the title All I Want for Christmas is You, the United States Copyright Office lists 177 entries.

As mentioned, we do not know how Andy’s complaint will be taken and end up but fans are asking only one question which we all are curious about. Why did Andy come forward after all these years?

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