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Why Does Naomi Osaka Use Her Mother’s Last Name?



Naomi Osaka

Tennis player Naomi Osaka is one of the most successful tennis player in the world, and considering how young she is, there is no doubt she still has many great things ahead of her.

But there is something many people talk about her is why she use her mother surname, instead her real family name.

What can be the reason? So, let’s found out.

Naomi and her sister was born in Osaka, Japan and her mother is Japanese as well. Since, there are many legal terms in Japan which we cannot understand. So, to make everything easy and fluent these girls changed their surname with the help of their parents.

Anyway, there are still lots of factors which we need to understand about them on detail regarding their surname as well.

Osaka surname Can Represents Japan

First of all, she was born in Japan and we can say that she is Japanese citizen and she also shares the same name of the district where she was born.

In Japan, Osaka as a city is spelled on a different way and Osaka as a surname is spelled on a different way. We may find this same but in Japan both are different topic.

Her father is from Haiti, so if we dig more we can find that in Japanese law that children must rename their surname which of their Japanese native parents.

In this case Naomi mom is Japanese and her surname is Osaka.

Keeping native Japanese can make their daily life easy, access to bank account and to get more opportunities.

But they did not stay over there for long time, her whole family moved to New York when she was just three years old and from this place Naomi started to learn tennis and gained more interest on it as well.

At the age of Eight, Naomi and her parents re-moved to Florida to seek more opportunities and career on tennis world.

She used to practise on Pembroke Tennis Academy public courts, the ISP Academy, and the Harold Solomon Tennis Academy.

Her dream came true when she began to pursue her career from ProWorld Tennis Academy and from there she started to kick her career.

She Got no Help from USA

As per Naomi Osaka, she did not got any help from US government and it was very frustrating moment. This can also be the reason she is better happy with her mother surname.

On her practise days she also asked for a help from Tennis Association of USA to help her for funding and to kick her career but sadly, there was no any help from association side.

The main reason of her proposal refuse is that she is not USA citizen and she was very young.

So, this can also be the reason why this talented player wanted to keep their surname by representing Japan.

Family Issue

Many people think that Osaka father is not good man, he was careless and selfish so they might have kept their surname related to their mom. But this is untrue, Noami and her sister loves their father very much.

Her father has done everything to make them happy.

Another reason can be, Tamaki mom is a Japanese and her parents are not so happy because she married a man who is non Japanese and from another nation.

This made their relation go very worse and they even refuse to talk with Naomi parents. It was also said that they did not talked for more than 15 years.

Anyway, now Tamaki parents accepted them and they also talk with each other. It is good now their relationship is going good and healthy.

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