Why Do People Hate Elon Musk?

Elon Musk IQ

Everybody has their own perspective and views. Some person you don’t like can be my favorite person of mine. Someone got hated due to their unique personality and way of doing things.

When a lot of money comes to mind people start to think about dirty money, tax manipulated money, and many other negative vibes. Most of the time public figures, politicians, and billionaires come on the list of hate and debate.

There are also a lot of questions about how can someone become a billionaire through ethical means as well. So, there are lots of people who hate Elon Musk for various reasons and some reasons are noted below.

Colonizing Outer World

Elon Musk is on a plan of colonizing mars. He wants to start the civilization in space and improve life in space. His plan is too civilized about 1 million people on planet Mars by 2050.

But many people are backfiring this idea because instead of trying to clean the earth and make a better place to live, providing more jobs instead of using AI in their company. He wants to colonize Mars and sell them homes, improve their lives in return back of money, which clearly business nothing more as per some of his haters.


Once Elon Musk said that the Deadly virus Corona is not so deadly. He was trying to become a doctor instead of a Businessman over there which created a lot of hatred towards him.

Later, he said that the young person will not be infected by this virus but at that time young people were dying the most than any other age group.

And he also refused to get a vaccine against this disease, even questioned the Covid-19 test, and did not believe in the test results.

Paying Low

A lot of time he was caught accusing or taking advantage of his worker’s paycheck.

Once he was also found to be paying little as $5 for an outsourced worker later. This incident made it clear that Elon is not on the side of workers and for the benefit of employees.

He also violated the labor laws of America by firing a Tesla Union activist. These union activists used to raise the voice of Tesla workers who were suffering from racism and discrimination.

Elon was forced to open his Tesla factory located in Alameda, California, at the time of state white lockdown.

He was not listening to governors and doctors, which led to the outbreak of coronavirus in his factory he was responsible for it.

Staff working at Tesla has faced a lot of issues like gender discrimination, racism, sexual harassment, and many other bad incidents.

He doesn’t like college

Musk loves education but he doesn’t like college. In his simple words college is just a waste of time, he also added that college is for fun but not for learning.

This statement has been agreed by a lot of people due to employment problems and many other issues which sounded like can be fixed after enrolling in college but in reality, it can’t be.

Anyway, the funny part is his company SpaceX requires a minimum of a bachelor’s degree or master’s degree for anyone to get a job.

So these are some of the reasons that people hate Elon Musk. Share with us your thoughts on why don’t you like or why do you like Elon.

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