Why Did Sony Delayed Morbius to April 2022?

morbius delayed

Morbius was set to be released on January 28, 2022, but Sony has now delayed its release date to April 1, and it’s not April’s fool prank. The movie has been delayed seven times now, originally this movie was supposed to be released on July 10, 2020, but as we all are fully aware the coronavirus totally changed the entertainment business.

Because of the coronavirus pandemic, it was delayed to July 31, 2020, but it was again delayed to March 19, 2021, and after that, it was again delayed for few times until Sony decided to release it on January 28, 2022, but as mentioned above, they are again delaying the movie. But why? Well, that’s what we are here to discuss.

Why Did Sony Delayed Release Date of Morbius?

Even though most people are not affected by the coronavirus as they did back in 2020, there are still many countries that are affected by the virus so as a result many movies are being delayed including one of the most awaited Indian-Telugu movies RRR.

While few believe that Morbius got delayed because of covid, there are many who don’t believe it. As we all know that Marvel’s Spiderman: No Way Home has affected the future of Spiderman and other superhero movies heavily. After spiderman got a crazy amount of love, Marvel decided to reshoot Dr. Strange 2 so they could add more cameos and introduce more characters.

Similarly, reshoots were done for Morbius as well and it is reported that Andrew Garfield will have a cameo in this movie. There are also rumors that Andrew and Jared Leto were seen together for reshoots. Our guess is that they are still not done with reshoots and 2 months will be enough time to make spiderman’s cameo in the movie but just like MJ says “Expect disappointment and then you can never really be disappointed,” so let’s not get our hopes high so we can later enjoy the movie.

Is Andrew Garfield in Morbius?

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