Why did Dave Navarro leave RHCP? Reunited With Anthony Kiedis

Dave Navarro

If you have watched the American reality competition television series titled “Ink Master” then you must know about David Navarro. And some older fans might have known him as the guitarist of the former band named Red Hot Chilli Peppers (RHCP). The band broke away in the year 1998 after spending three years together. In those three years, the band recorded only one album titled  “One Hot Minute” which was released on 12th September 1995.

What’s the reason behind David Navarro leaving RHCP?

When the band got disbanded their record company had released a statement quoting singer Anthony who said, “This is a completely mutual rating based on creative differences.” Some have even claimed that Dave wanted to focus on his new band which he had formed with drummer Chad Smith. The new band was named Spread.

But Dave has opened up his side of the story after many years during a Dark Matter podcast episode on 9th November 2018. You can catch the video down below.

This video is almost  2 hours long but what he said related to the topic is that he was pretty clear why he decided to go in a different direction. He said, “Then I finally show up for a Chili Peppers rehearsal and we had a tour booked and I honestly couldn’t play a f**king note. And Anthony talks about it in his book where I feel like I literally tripped into stacks of speakers and storage gear and whatever. I fell into a bunch of boxes, basically. And I was like, pretty clear, that I wasn’t going to be able to get it together. So, they decided to go in a different direction.”

But Dave and Anthony came together for a recent one-off performance at a Los Angeles charity concert after more than two decades since the two-member from RHCP parted ways. Together they sang one of Lou Reed’s songs from 1972 titled “Walk On The Wild Side”.

How did this happen?

Initially, Dave had booked Foo Fighters drummer Taylor Hawkins and Billy Idol as special guests but the two didn’t appear as they ended up canceling. And it was then when Anthony came on board for the special performance and a semi-reunion. It was quite a special moment as it is their first time performing together since 1997.

Fans were very much excited for their favorite artists to perform on the stage together and have taken to Twitter to express their happiness and excitement.

One fan has tweeted, “Anthony Kiedis with #DaveNavarro last night at @FondaTheatre supporting a great cause, mental health with @MusiCares @AboveGroundOrg @ChiliPeppers @janesaddiction.” While some fans of Dave have also made a tweet. One user wrote, “Dave Navarro will never not be fine”, and another wrote, “Dave Navarro has no business being so fine”. One fan feels Dave is very cool and tweeted, “Dave Navarro is so cool.”

RHCP remembered their 25 years reunion and tweeted, “Anthony Kiedis performing with Dave Navarro last night! It’s been 25 years since we’ve last seen those 2 on stage! @AboveGroundOrg @MusiCares”. You can watch all the tweets down below. 


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