Who is Zack Bia and What is He Famous For?

zack bia

Zack Bia is an American guy and he works as a DJ, influencer, and also popular for his rich and high profile friends.

Many of you have seen Zack Bia’s luxury life, expensive clothes, and cars on his personal Instagram account. His career turn out booming after he met with America famous rapper Fetty Wap.

So, today we are going to find out everything about Zack Bia and his journey to become a famous guy.

Who is Zack Bia?


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Zack was born in 1996 and was born in Brooklyn, New York. His real name is Zack Bialobos and he completed his high school education from Beverly Hills School.

And later he got admitted to the University of Southern California from where he planned to get a Master’s Degree in Science but he dropped the idea and started to continue his dream of being a DJ.

As per his mother, this guy has been learning rap and music since he was a very young age.

Zack Bia’s parents got divorced when he was just a kid and then later he started to live with his mother, they shift from Brooklyn to Los Angeles in search of quality life and job.

His ethnicity is mixed and his father’s name is still unknown but the research found that his parents used to live in France.

How Did Zack Bia Become Famous?


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Bia is a famous guy by now, he is popular because of his rich and high-profile friends. The first stage from how he became famous was started in a very interesting way.

When he was turned 19, there was a birthday party organized in a club named Hooray Henry’s. At this private party there were some limited friends of Zack were invited but surprisingly Fetty Wap was also there to attend his birthday celebration.

Reimaging this moment Zack Bia said, “I am drinking on the same table with Fetty Wap, this was very real”.

So, from there the interesting moment started to take out. The club manager thought that Zack Bia is a friend of Fetty Wap and he asked for Zack Bia’s number.

Later, the club started to invite Zack Bia as well as his friends regularly to the club on many events thinking that Zack has a good relationship between Fetty Wap and maybe with other rappers too.

If he comes to the club regularly there might be the chance others rapper may join the club and which will be the best for publicity and for business.

By the time, this rumor was spread among many club owners that Zack Bia is Fetty Wap’s friend. Amazingly, one club owner also agrees to pay a good amount for this guy to promote their club.

From this stage, Zack Bia’s life started to fly straight to fame. This promotion was successful and later another club owner offered him a great sum in order to promote their club too.

Luckily, the club started to get famous and his work as a DJ was drawing many popular faces to this club. Some of them are Kardashian, Rihanna and many more started to attend this club just because of Zack Bia.

At the same time, his Instagram account was also started to boom with lots of followers.

Later, the biggest turning point in his career was when he became a good friend with Drake, he also said he call Drake his big brother.

And this was very real when Drake posted an Instagram photo with Zack Bia and French Montana at the same photo.

From being DJ to club promoter to friends with some high profile celebrities this is how Zack Bia’s fortune and fame started to turn on. He has also started his own record level company called Field Trip, till now it has not got any popular faces on the record level but he has been focusing on young and newcomers to join the production house.

Who is Zack Bia dating?

Later, in 2017 he also dated with famous Hollywood face Madison Beer but their relationship did not continue for a long time it ended after 2 years of living in a relationship.

At the time of their relationship, on many occasions, the couple used to seen together. The reason for their relationship breakup is still undercover and they had never talked about their relationship and separation with the fans.

Once Zack and Beer were recorded on video when they were in an argument on a road.

At the moment Madison and Zack have already separated and their breakup happened in 2019.

After the breakup new rumors started to catch fire about Bia and Kylie Jenner dating. And the reason was the same because both of them used to attend programs together as a couple and also used to live together for some certain time.

kylie jenner and zack bia

kylie jenner and zack bia

Not only with Kylie but Zack’s name has been linked with many other famous celebrities like Tana Mongeau, Addison Rae, and many more.

Zack Bia Net Worth

Having famous and rich celebrities friends is not just fun but it can also bring a huge sum of money. This was the same case that happened to Zack, having connections with famous rappers and staying in a relationship with famous singers has made his followers on social media to be skyrocketed.

Soon, he launched his own brand levels and studios through which he has been making millions of money per year.

As per some sources, he has a net worth of $3 million.

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