Who Is Verónica Rubio and Where Is She Now?

verónica rubio

Veronica Rubio is a photographer but she is popular because of her ex-husband Carlos Ponce. Carlos is a pretty famous Puerto Rican actor, musician, and model. Besides him, Veronica is also known for being a sister of Marco Rubio, a US senior senator from Florida.

There has not been much discussion ever since Veronica’s divorce from Carlos. So how’s she doing now? where is she? and did she re-married? find answers to these questions in this piece.

She comes of Cuban descent

We don’t know the exact date of her birth but most probably she was born on November 24, 1972. Also, even though she has an American nationality, her family is of the descent of Cuba. She is the daughter of Mario Rubio Reina and Oriales Rubio.

Her parents and even her maternal grandfather Pedro Victor Garcia immigrated to the United States when Fulgencio Batista’s government was in power. They entered the US in 1956 and became citizens of America in 1975.

She grew up in Las Vegas, Nevada, along with her parents and siblings. Before shifting to Las Vegas, her parents lived in Miami. After they moved to LV, Vanessa’s father worked as a school crossing guard and he was also a bartender at Sam’s Town Hotel.

While her mother worked in the Imperial Palace Hotel and Casino as a housekeeper. She also used to stack shelves at Kmart as well.

Talking about her siblings, she has two brothers and a sister, and since her family followed Catholic, they used to go to The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

Her parents’ death

Veronica’s father Mario was battling lung cancer for a long time and finally, in 2010 he lost the battle and left this world at the age of 83. He died in the Baptist Hospital located in Miami.

On September 27, 2019, she also lost her mother. As per Florida Politics, Oriales Rubio (Veronica’s mother) was 88 years old at the time of her death. After her death, her son Marco confirmed the news on his Instagram account where he wrote, “The love she had for her children are but a glimpse of the even greater love God has for His.”

Veronica and Carlos were high school sweethearts?

Veronica and Carlos got married on October 5, 1996, but how did the two meet? well, there are people who claim and believe that the two were ‘high school sweethearts.’ However, it is yet to be confirmed.

Four years after their marriage Veronica gave birth to their first son, Giancarlo in 1999 and two years after his birth the couple welcomed their second son Sebastián in 2001. Other than that, the couple also adopted twin girls from Russia named Savanna and Siena.

It seems that even before marrying, they were dating for years because in 2017 Carlos was featured in a television show Un nuevo dia, he said that he and Veronica spend 23 years together.

Did Veronica re-married after her divorce from Carlos?

Yes, Veronica married a man named Chris Boulos and they even share two children Jaylah (girl) and Tony (boy). However, their relationship could not last long as they separated in March 2018. She is currently single and a mother of six children and she is busy raising her kids and spending time with them.

Talking about her ex-husband Carlos Ponce, he also moved on and married journalist and TV host Karina Banda in December 2020.

Veronica is a professional photographer

As mentioned above, Veronica is a photographer as well as a graphic designer. She runs a creative design company named VCREATIVEDESIGN. In addition to it, she also seems to write blogs.

Following her, Veronica’s daughter Savannah is also a freelance photographer and she has written on her website that her mother “is the core reason my passion for photography started to begin with.”

However, she considers herself amateur and she is still working on her skills.

Did her family leave Cuba because of Fidel Castro?

No, although many might believe it as Veronica’s brother Marco has said that his family left Cuba to escape Fidel Castro’s government.

However, documents reviews in October 2011 have shown that her family’s naturalization papers and few records have shown that Mario and Oriales came to the United States two and half years before Castro’s coup overpowered the government of Cuba.

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