Who is Tooka? About His Death and Career


What is a career as an artist? Is it just painting, drawing, and sculpting? Certainly not. Tooka is a well-known artist who has been working in the arts for over 30 years. In this blog post we will discuss his biography and what he’s done with his art to make him so successful!

Who is Tooka?

Tooka was born in New York City on October 23, 1958. His parents were both artists who influenced his future career choices. Tooka himself started making art when he was three years old and by the time he reached college age, he had already been accepted into Yale University’s prestigious fine arts program.


In 1980 at the age of 22, Tooka became a sculptor and painter for one of America’s most famous rock bands: The Rolling Stones! He worked with them until 1986 before going off to start his own studio where he could do his own thing without worrying about other people telling him what to paint or how to paint it (he had never taken drawing lessons).

Today, Tooka’s paintings are abstract, colorful and vibrant. He uses a lot of mixed media with acrylic paint on canvas to create these pieces that represent the different emotions he is feeling at any given time.

Tooka now lives in New York City with his wife who also happens to be an artist – they often collaborate together!

He has been painting for three decades but it was not until 2009 when he had success as an art show exhibitor. Nowadays Tooka feels like everything just “clicked” within him and his work which lead to the creation of new ideas everyday (and this blog!).

One thing we can say about tooka is that no matter what subject or idea he tackles, you know you can expect to be taken away by the colors and beauty of his work.

Tooka’s style of Art is very different from what we usually see because he does not use any paint brushes. Tooka’s pieces are more of mixed media with acrylic paint on canvas to create these pieces that represent the different emotions he is feeling at any given time.

Career in the Music Industry

Tooka started his painting career in the early 80s when he was commissioned to create the cover of an album for his friend, DJ Aladyn in addition to The Rolling Stones.

He is a solo artist who has created artwork and designs for various big name artists including: The Notorious B.I.G., Wu-Tang Clan, Pharrell Williams, Drake (rapper), Kid Cudi, Mike Shinoda from Linkin Park. His work in music led him into designing CD covers with Nike Dunks sneakers and other collaborations with the brand that eventually lead to Tooka becoming their first ever creative director in 2010

Tooka also worked on a line called ‘GOOD’ which featured products like t shirts or skateboard decks. He even designed a shoe for Nike with one of their most anticipated releases called “Roshe Run.”

Other major collaborations and projects followed like designing a mural for Samsung Galaxy’s first ever UNPACKED event or working on music videos such as Kanye West – Stronger, Linkin Park’s Numb/Encore ft Jay Z

In 2013, Aladyn commissioned him again to design the cover of his album ‘Precious’ which was featured by Complex Magazine Europe (2013).

Why does King Von hate Tooka?

King Von is a rapper from O Block team and their music group was formed near south side of Chicago. King Von is also a grandson of King Dave.

King Von and Tooka were rival and they used to hate each other very much many times via songs and social media King Von used to downgrade his rival Tooka many times and he used to add word like “smoking tooka”.

On his song he also mentioned many times Tooka in this way, “Tooka in my lung, I say that every time, ’cause he got smoked. (He got smoked).

Their hate was also got on news many times and it was very sure that this rival was a pure hate between each other, also this made many fans of Tooka to think that if his rival King Von was involved in the death of Tooka.

If you watch this YouTube video which can be unavailable by now in the video one user is seen saying “F*** Tooka we took his life” and it was said on 1:29 minutes.

This video got more than 8,000 views also, it has already pass more than 8 years after the death of Tooka. Tooka was also involved on many gangs.

Who killed Tooka?

Tooka was murdered by Chief Keef’s crew Black Disciples.

Where did Tooka die?

Tooka was shot and killed Jan. 12, 2011, and he was killed in 63rd and St. Lawrence, Woodlawn, Chicago.

Tooka’s Contribution to Art

Tooka is a very impressive painter who has made a name for himself in the art scene. He has been famous since 1989 when he was a part of the “Beautiful Losers” show at P.S. 122 in New York City with artists such as KAWS, Kenny Scharf, and Keith Haring .

Tooka is best known for his large-scale mural-style paintings, which often depict his signature squiggly lines and blocky figures against bright backgrounds.

These large-scale murals are some of Tooka’s most notable works, including a painting on the side of one of the original Macy’s buildings in Manhattan that was taken down in 1993 to make way for an expansion; the mural was later recreated at the Museum of Modern Art in New York City.

Tooka is also well known for his sideline work designing album covers, including for such artists as Daft Punk and Death Cab For Cutie. His distinctive style has been featured on several movie posters, too – he did the titles and poster design for the 1979 film “Breaking Away” and the poster for the 1976 cult classic “Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band.”

Tooka has a net worth of around 14 million dollars. He got this sum from his involvement in the Art industry by selling top quality art.

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