Who is Tom Hiddleston Dating? About Tom’s Dating Life

Tom Hiddleston

Just finished watching an episode of Loki XD. It’s really hard to find someone who does not like the God of mischief Tom Hiddleston (Loki), we all know Tom has been in the movie or entertainment industry for over decades now, and he has worked in many hit movies such as The Gathering Storm, Exhibition, Kong: Skull Island, and many others but his role as Loki in Marvel Cinematic Universe made fans go crazy for him. His series Loki made 890K U.S. households.

Tom has earned himself few prestigious awards like Golden Globe Award, Laurence Olivier Award for Best Actor in television shows. He is quite charming and has dated many beautiful women but he is not married, today in this blog post we will talk about Tom’s dating history.

Tom & Susannah Fielding (2008 – 2011)

Actress Susannah Fielding is the first known public relationship of the Loki star Tom Hiddlestone. They were in a relationship before Tom first appeared in MCU (Marvel Cinematic Universe) as Loki. Tom and Susannah first met in 2008 on the set of the BBC show Wallander. They dated for 3 years and separated in 2011. According to Hiddleston, they separated because of their busy work schedule.

“People thought I was leaving her behind because I was getting well-known. But she is an extremely talented actress and she has a lot of projects in the works. Just that I am very busy right now, and there isn’t really any time to have an actual girlfriend.” Tom said, and also added that In acting, “you must give your all, and if you don’t, there is someone behind you who will.“

Tom & Kat Dennings

Tom & Kat Dennings

After the movie Thor, there were rumors that Tom is dating his costar Kat Dennings, and they were even seen together holding hands and cuddling in Comic-Con. But both of them never spoke about the matter and they were also not seen together after that.

Tom & Jessica Chastain (2013)

Tom & Jessica Chastain

In 2013 Tom and Jessica were rumored dating, also Metro Uk stated that “Before Christmas, she came to visit him in Britain and meet all his family for the first time.” But the rumors were turned down by an actress in an interview with InStyle UK, It was back at Juilliard when I first started dating actors, but since then, I’ve only dated one, and I was afraid they’d take a picture of us since they were famous.” she said.

After few years in 2015, they worked on the movie Crimson Peak and during the promotion of the movie she was asked what s the sexiest thing about Tom? to which she replied ”I find it hard to answer because I see him as a friend, but I believe it is his voice. Isn’t his accent just lovely?“

Tom & Lara Pulver (2013)

After the rumors of Tom and Jessica, Tom was again linked with Lara Pulver who played on BBC’s TV adaptation Sherlock after they were found having dinner together. The rumor about their date only lasted for some time as they were not seen together again.

He was again linked with record producer Jane Arthy as they were pretty close, but Tom said in an interview with GQ that nothing serious is going on between them.

Tom & Elizabeth Olsen (2015)

After the movie, Avengers: Age of Ultron, Tom, and Elizabeth were seen together on various occasions but Elizabeth later said that they were just friends to Refinery29, “The two of us have known each other for about four years, so we’re friends. We happened to be having dinner at the wrong time in a restaurant. We all go out to have dinner.“ she said.

Tom & Priyanka

Tom was also linked with one of the highest-paid Bollywood actresses Priyanka Chopra when the two presented awards at Emmy s. On the stage, she twirled in her red dress and interestingly enough it was Tom who made her do it and Priyanka even talked about it later in Jimmy Fallon’s show, The Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon, she said, “I was walking out with this big train and did it for the first time because it’s so pretty and I felt like a princess. After I twirled once I was doing it all night” and she added, “I was asked to twirl by the photographers, and Tom made me twirl onstage, so I was only twirling.”

Tom & Taylor Swift (2016)

Taylor Swift is said to be Tom’s most high-profile date. Back in June 2016, the couple shared a video of them dancing to Jay-Z’s song, and later Tom even revealed that they also danced to The Weeknd saying that Taylor said we got to dance and so they danced.

Taylor was called a cheater for dating Tom as she was still in a relationship with Calvin Harris after she broke up with Calvin, she was seen and photographed kissing at a beach. Tom was also seen wearing a tank top on which I heart T.S was printed.

Tom also admitted that they are dating The Hollywood Reporter saying “It’s the truth that Taylor Swift and I are together and we are very happy”

And as I mentioned that many fans were calling Taytay a cheater and after she released her song I Did Something Bad, fans thought that the song was about her circumstance with Calvin and Tom. After dating for some time they separated in 2016, September. After they split up in 2017 in an interview with GQ in February Tom said that his former girlfriend Taylor is amazing.

Tom & Zawe Ashton

Tom & Zawe Ashton

Tom is dating a British actress Zawe Ashton now as per reports. They met in 2019 when they worked together in the movie Betrayal and rumor has it that after playing husband and wife they fall for each other and are now dating. They both have not spoken about the rumor but according to the sources, it seems Zawe spent few weeks with Tom.

They are also seen together many times which is why fans think they are dating but it does look serious, in fact The sun “Tom has fallen deeply for Zawe. They’ve been together for over six months. Since his relationship with Taylor, he is so paranoid about his private life that he has gone to great lengths to keep it hidden. I think he has found the love of his life – he is ready to settle down.”

Zawe is also set to debut in MCU (Marvel Cinematic Universe) in an upcoming movie The Marvels (Captain Marvel 2). If the rumor about Tom and Zawe is true then we may also see their baby real soon, in an interview with Bustle she said that she would like to have a baby but it’s not work in the process nor being planned.

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