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Colin Kaepernick might be a former NFL player, but he is just a son of his adoptive mother Teresa Kaepernick. Colin was considered a standout football prospect after coming out of college and was eventually drafted by the San Francisco 49ers in 2011.

In 2013, the talented dual-threat former quarterback led his team to the Super Bowl. He became one of the most polarizing figures in the country when he decided to take a knee during the national before games in 2016. Well. his action was to protest against racial inequality and police brutality.

Netflix’s Colin in Black & White dramatizes the childhood of Colin as a promising baseball and football player and his journey trying to first in as a multiracial child adopted by white parents namely, Rick and Teresa. Who are his parents? Where they might be today? Are you interested to find the answers to these questions?

If you are interested, you are in the right place as we will tell you everything you need to know about Colin’s adoptive parents in this article. So, let’s get right into it.

Colin Kaepernick was adopted at 5 weeks old

Colin Kaepernick was born on 3rd November 1987 to Heidi Russo. Heidi was just 18 years old when giving birth to her son. Sadly, she had to put up her son for adoption when he was five weeks old. There is no information about Colin’s biological father.

Thus, Colin was adopted by Rick and Teresa Kaepernick. The white couple was from Fond du Lac. They had two biological children; a son named Kyle and a daughter named Devon. The couple had decided to adopt Colin because they had lost two sons to congenital heart defects.

Colin has opened up about what it was like to be an adopted child of white parents in BH1’s 2018 special, Dear Mama: A Love Letter to Moms. He said, “You have a family that you love, but you know you don’t look like. And at a young age, I understood that I was different; I didn’t understand what that meant. So, as I got older it was something that developed. As my identity developed and my place in society and my understanding of that developed, my parents and my family had developed as well.”

“But it’s been one that [they’ve] worked through and [they’ve] always been really loving in the process…I wouldn’t do it with anybody else,” he added.

In 2021, Colin did an interview with Ebony where he revealed that there were conversations he often didn’t feel comfortable having with his white parents growing up. He said, “I wouldn’t say I have regrets. I don’t like to look at things that way, because I feel like that’s part of our journey and path of where we need to go. [O]ne of the pieces of being Black and being adopted into a white family [is that there] are conversations that I just couldn’t have or didn’t feel comfortable having. I wish I had a mentor to turn to in those moments to be able to have those conversations to help better navigate what I was facing.”

Colin’s adoptive mother Teresa Kaepernick is protective of her kid

Teresa Kaepernick is the adoptive mother of Colin. She worked as a nurse throughout Colin’s childhood. She is believed to be in her 50s and not much is known about her. Her character is portrayed by Mary Louise Parker in Colin in Black & White.

As you might remember, former President Donald Trump had said that NFL owners should fire any “son of a bitch” who refuses to stand for the national anthem. In protest of racial injustice and police brutality, Colin had inspired dozens of NFL players and athletes to organize silent protests after he kneeled during the national anthem at a San Francisco 49ers game.

So, Colin’s mother Teresa did an interview with CBS Sports in 2017 where she responds to Donal Trump. She said, “As a mom, you’re protective of your kid.”I grant you he’s a 29-year-old man, he doesn’t need my protection, but boy, somebody insults somebody you love, and your first instinct is to really wanna just go after him.”

Feeling disappointed with Trump, she continued, “I saw on Twitter that he’d said it and I said to my husband, ‘What the heck.’ And I looked to see what was said and I thought, ‘Aw man, this is just ridiculous that he continues to attack private citizens like this and continues to not be able to see what freedom of speech is and that he just refuses to acknowledge those kinds of things.’”

She even made a tweet after Trump’s statement that reads, “Guess that makes me a proud bitch!” Additionally, she told CBS Sports that she was surprised by the response to her tweet which had over 33,000 retweets. She said, “I didn’t think that what I said was that big of a deal, and really kind of a typical response from me. I texted my sisters. I have four sisters and said, You’re not gonna believe this, the president just called me a bitch,’ and they went into one and we just laughed about it.”

Colin’s biological mother has been in contact with his parents

Colin’s biological mother is Heidi Russo. She had given up her son for adoption six weeks after he was born while she was just 19 years old at that time.

Heidi did an interview with FOX31 in Denver in 2013 where she revealed that she has been in contact with Colin’s parents for several years. But she had only talked to her biological son for only a couple of times. She had talked to her son for the first time when she found his profile on MySpace.

Heidi said that it took him six weeks to reply. She also revealed why she had put Colin for adoption. She said, “I knew I couldn’t have provided my son the kind of life he deserved when I became pregnant. I had him for about six weeks before putting him up for adoption, and what a blessing it was to have Teresa and Rick Kaepernick be able to step up and raise Colin.”

Additionally, she also denied the claims that she had come forward as Colin’s birth mother for fame. She told, “Don’t get me wrong, I am not ‘coming out to share in any of the success Colin is having, I just want him to know I never stopped thinking about him. For my family, we will just be cheering for Colin just as loud as the Kaepernicks will be, come Super Bowl.”

In 2013, Colin did an interview with ESPN where he confirmed that he doesn’t have plans to meet his birth mother. When ESPN asked him about how he felt and if he felt disrespectful to meet with his birth mother, he replied by saying, “No. It’s not really a respect thing. It’s just—that’s my family. That’s it.” ESPN also asked him if he was curious to meet his mother to which he responded with a “No”.

Colin’s adoptive father enjoys watching him compete in the Super Bowl

Rick Kaepernick is the adoptive father of Colin. He worked as the operation manager for the Hilmar Cheese Company during Colin’s childhood. His character is portrayed by Nick Offerman in Colin in Black & White.

He had done an interview with CBS Sacramento in 2013 where he joked that his son’s job doesn’t pay as well as his. He said, “Yeah I still have a job last I checked. That one pays pretty well. This one doesn’t pay so well. I think every game we got closer to playoffs, it’s just ramped up.”

Additionally, he also told a story about how he and his wife promised to buy their adoptive son new tennis shoes if he did well in baseball. He told, “We’re playing little league and Mrs. Kaepernick says ‘if you hit a double, I’ll get you some tennis shoes. Well, he had been nagging me and wanting tennis shoes that I did not want to buy.”

“Of course, he gets a double, so he’s waving around dancing and pointing at his feet, and I’m going ‘oh no,’” he continued. Rick also revealed that he enjoys watching his son compete in the Super Bowl. He said, “It’s just fun to watch him because, at end of the day, they might be 25 years old, but they’re still kids.”

Furthermore, he also explained that he’s very proud of his son by saying, “I’m really proud of him because he’s still driving his college car. He hasn’t had that urge to buy a car yet, but that’s OK…I think I want him to continue to be the person he is. Be true to yourself, don’t follow the path, and do the right thing.”

What is Teresa Kaepernick up to these days?

Teresa Kaepernick with her son
LOS ANGELES, CA – MAY 03: (R) NFL player Colin Kaepernick and Teresa Kaepernick attends the VH1’s 3rd Annual “Dear Mama: A Love Letter To Moms” – Cocktail Reception at The Theatre at Ace Hotel on May 3, 2018 in Los Angeles, California. (Photo by Leon Bennett/Getty Images)

Colin’s biological mother Heidi had received his pictures and updates about his life from the Kaepernick, as per the reports. However, she asked them to stop when her son was about 7 years old because it was too painful for her. She did hope for a relationship with Colin later on.

Luckily, Colin has got loving parents as they have always been by his side and share a close bond with him. Similarly, Colin also never misses an opportunity to showcase his affection and gratitude towards his adoptive parents.

It is revealed that Colin’s adoptive parents Teresa and Rick Kaepernick are living a happy and peaceful life in Turlock, California. Unfortunately, not much is known about them besides these.

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