Who Is Teresa Barrick? About Steven Tyler’s Ex-wife

Steven Tyler ex wife Teresa Barrick

Teresa Barrick is a renowned American fashion designer however, she rose to fame after she married Steven Tyler the lead singer and frontman of the well-known rock band Aerosmith. However, the couple has divorced and it has been more than a decade since they got divorced.

So now everyone is wondering where and what Teresa Barrick is doing after her divorce from Steven Tyler. Furthermore, there were also rumors claiming that Teresa died so is that true? no, it is not, she is not dead. In this piece, we will talk about where Teresa is now and we will also talk about her relationship with Tyler and how the two first met.

Teresa Barrick is a fashion designer

As mentioned, she is a fashion designer however, it seems that she is no longer in the business, in the past, she led a successful career as a fashion as well as a clothing designer. As per the reports, before she became a fashion designer she used to work at a restaurant.

Barrick was born on March 21, 1960, and she turned 60 years old this year. As she only rose to fame after she married Tyler, not much is known about her past or family. Moreover, she is a private person and does not share much about her personal life which makes it even hard to get any information about her family or her past.

Although there is not much information on her family, it is said that she has a twin sister named Lisa Barrick. Moreover, her family is Christain and according to her date of birth, her zodiac sign is Aries.

In addition, we don’t know her educational background but since she used to be a fashion designer, I think it is safe to assume that she was a fashion designing student.

How did she meet Steven Tyler?

In the biography book Steven Tyler written by Laura Jackson, it is mentioned that Teresa and Tyler first met around the year 1983. And they met in one of the clubs in Lahaina in Maui, Hawaii. But it seems that Tyler does not really remember his first meeting with Teresa.

Later, Teresa was introduced to the rock singer by her twin sister Lisa as she (Lisa) was dating Tyler’s drug dealer at the time when she was invited to a party in New York. Tyler was blown away by Teresa’s beauty so he asked her to stay and their romance started which eventually led to their marriage.

Additionally, when Tyler met Teresa in New York Tyler and his first wife actress Cyrinda Foxe was just divorced. He also had a daughter named Mia Tyler whom he shared with Foxe.

Teresa’s marriage and divorce with Steven Tyler

After meeting in 1978 for the first time, they got married on May 28, 1988, in Tulsa, Oklahoma. They had a private wedding ceremony where few friends and family members were present. It is also reported that Teresa made Tyler’s wedding costume as she is a fashion designer. Before their wedding, Tyler and Teresa, both heavy drug users and addicts, cleaned up at methadone clinics.

As mentioned, after Teresa married Tyler, she became popular as the wife of Steven Tyler. Everyone was happy for the couple and wished them well but sadly their relationship was not meant to last forever. They got divorced nearly 17 years after their marriage. Back in February 2005, Teresa filed for divorce and they got separated however, their divorce was finalized almost a year later in January 2006 after their divorce was filed.

What was the reason for their divorce?

It is understandable that after being in a married relationship for years, their decision to divorce was not sudden or unreasonable. Their close friends have stated that they had been growing distant for some time before they decided to file a divorce and before the divorce, Tyler attended the Grammys with his kids but his then-wife Teresa was not present.

After their divorce, many fans thought that Tyler cheated on Teresa which led to their divorce. While others suggested that Teresa was the one who cheated and it was also reported that she was oddly close with the contractor who renovated their house in Boston.

No matter what the speculations were and are, the couple has not talked or stated publicly the reason behind their divorce. So, even though there are wild theories on why they parted their ways, the fact is that we don’t really know the exact reason behind their divorce.

Teresa shares two children with Tyler

A year after their marriage on March 6, 1989, Teresa gave birth to their first baby, a daughter Chelsea Tyler. Similarly, two years after their marriage, on January 31, 1991, the couple welcomed their second baby, a son which they named Taj Monroe Tallarico.

Chelsea and Taj were Teresa’s only children however, before marrying her Tyler already had two daughters. As mentioned, with his first wife he had a daughter named Mia Tyler, and with his ex-girlfriend Bebe Buell he had named Liv Tyler. Both Mia and Liv are an actress and they have worked in numerous movies.

Furthermore, she now is also a grandmother as both of her children Chelsea and Taj are married. However, Taj and his wife Brittany Tallarico are yet to have children but Chelsea and her husband Jon Foster have a son named Vincent Frank Foster who was born on February 21, 2020.

Where is Teresa Barrick now?

After her divorce from Steven Tyler, she remained silent, and ever since then, she has not been seen. She is a private person as mentioned and she did not come to the media after that. It is not known where Teresa is now but many believe that she is still privately and secretly doing fashion designing while others believe she has retired.

However, it would not be surprising even if she was doing her business as she used to be the designer who designed many costumes for the Aerosmith band. She never got married after her divorce as per the reports however, it is said that she dated some men but the news is not confirmed.

Teresa, Steven’s Savior

In the biography of Steven, the author Laura has mentioned Teresa, ‘Steven’s Saviour.’ But why? it may be because of the time and circumstances. Because as mentioned, when Teresa came into Steven’s life he was going through a divorce with Foxe and when they met Steven had nothing but his stardom at the time.

After getting married she supported Steven as the band was also starting to fall because of the dispute between Steven and the lead guitarist of the band Joe Perry. And it seems that it was Teresa who helped Tyler and Perry to reconnect.

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