Who Is Susan Slaughter? About Her Personal and Professional Life

Susan Slaughter

Do you think that witches and wizards live among us in this twenty-first century? well, Susan Slaughter claims that or identifies herself as a witch openly. Slaughter is a popular paranormal investigator and expert, horror enthusiast, and she is also an actress as well as a model.

She is one of the best or elite paranormal investigators. She talks about various supernatural matters and she came to the limelight after she starred in the 2019 television reality series ‘Paranormal Caught on Camera.’ You will get everything you need to know about paranormal experts and witch Susan Slaughter in this piece of article.

Two birthdays of Susan Slaughter

Born as Susan Noelle Slaughter, Susan is currently 31 years old. She was born on May 1, 1990, in the United States. Although she was born on May 1, she favors celebrating her birthday on May 5 because it is also Cinco de Mayo, it is the day when Mexicans won against the French Empire.

She was most probably raised in Miami, Florida. Growing up, she was really interested in acting so she learned acting, costume design, musical theatre as well as a stage direction.

Susan’s mother is a Catholic, and her biological father is Wiccan however, her parents later got divorced and her mother married a Buddhist man. Most likely she is into paranormal activities and witchcraft because of her father and his Wiccan religion.

She is a pupil of Miami Dade College where she studied zoology, however, later she decided to quit and she dropped out of college before she could graduate.

Her career

Like I said at the beginning, Susan is a paranormal expert, actor, and model. Her father gave her a K II meter when she was young. She began investigating paranormal activities when she was 15 years old. She later joined the League of Paranormal investigators in Miami of South Florida.

It was the first professional paranormal team in her hometown. She had written a letter and later she was called for the job and she helped to investigate a few cases. After that, she joined Ghost Hunter academy on the SyFy Channel where she worked for three years. During her time at the academy, she traveled to more than 38 countries to investigate paranormal or supernatural activities.

She currently works at Travel Channel and Discovery Plus’ paranormal caught on camera. Furthermore, she also has a website ‘darkzone.tv’ where you can see her collaborate with other renowned paranormal experts. She was also in the 2018 horror film Ouija House.

Why did she choose to become a paranormal investigator?

As a child, Susan used to experience some paranormal activities herself, she used to have a vision and always wanted to know what it meant. She said, “I was experiencing phenomena pretty regularly as a child, through my teen years, and even now as an adult. But when I was younger, I needed to understand what these visions, orbs, and shadows were.”

Furthermore, she has also said that she was inspired by films and television however, unlike most American kids, Susan did not have a TV at her home so she used to watch films and television shows at her friend’s place. She has also explained in an interview that her mother tried to shelter her from watching horror movies but as a saying from my place, ‘the mustache does not block mouth from eating’ and just like the saying Susan found horror more appealing.

Susan’s abnormal habit

When she was in middle school, she had an abnormal habit of cutting herself. However, it was not because she had depression of some sort but by cutting herself, she was giving a tattoo to herself. She explained in a podcast,

“I used to be a cutter in middle school. Did so not because I was experiencing depression. I was rather into different forms of body art.”

She, however, does not uplift or motivate children or anyone to harm themself in any way.

Thousands of people follow the proclaimed witch

Susan is pretty active on social media, specifically speaking, on Instagram. She posts various pictures of herself, and others on her account and she also gives updates on events happening. She now has more than 13k followers on her Instagram account or profile.

Susan Slaughter’s boyfriend Carlos Ramirez

Her boyfriend Carlos is a guitarist for Internal Suffering 333 as well as for Head Crusher Music. This couple first met back in June of 2018 most probably in California. Still, they seem to have not dated until October of the same year.

They have now been together for more than three (3) years no and they still are together so maybe we can see them get married soon. Proclaimed witch occasionally posts pictures of her boyfriend on her social media handles.

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