Who is Steve Sarkisian Ex-Wife, Stephanie Sarkisian?

Stephanie Sarkisian

Steve Sarkisian is a former American football player who is now a coach and since this year 2021, he has become the head coach of the University of Texas Austin. He was born on March 8, 1974, and has played for different football leagues like Brigham Young University, Saskatchewan Roughriders football team of Canadian Football League, and Atlanta Falcons football team of the National Football League.

However we are not going to be talking about Steve in this article instead, we will be talking about his ex-wife Stephanie Sarkisian. We will cover all the details and information we have about Steve’s ex-wife Stephanie.

Short Biography of Stephanie Sarkisian

We all know that Stephanie is famous for being the ex-wife of a famous American football coach Steve Sarkisian, but who really is Stephanie? Let’s find out.

Before writing anything about her we just want to say that some of the details may not be correct as neither Stephanie nor her ex-husband Steve has talked about her personal life.

There is no information on when she was born but it is believed that she was born around the 1970s and that is the only information we have on her, we don’t know who her parents are or if she has any siblings or her education or what she does for a living.

Physical Appearance of Stephanie

As per the reports, Stephanie has blonde hair with a pair of beautiful dark eyes. She is about 5 ft 5 inches tall and weighs about 55 kg.

How Did Stephanie and Steve First Meet?

Just like we mentioned above we also don’t know how the two of them met but what we do know is they shared a vow to each other in 1997 just a weekend before Steve went to training with Saskatchewan Roughriders.

As mentioned they shared a vow in 1997 and after their marriage, they lived together for more than a decade until their divorce in April 2015. They share three children together Brady, Taylor, and Ashley.

Why Did They Decide to Get a Divorce?

After being together for around 18 years why did they decide to get a divorce? Every fan of Steve wants to know the answer but unfortunately, there is no information on why the two of them decided to split as both Stephanie and Steve have not spoken about their divorce.

It seems that they want everyone else to stay away from their personal life and we should as well respect that as their fans. We can say that they still have a good relationship even after divorce as they share joint custody of their three children.

Steve Married Another Woman

After their divorce on June 30, 2020, Steve married a woman named Loreal Smith. We can say that they are pretty happy with their relationship now and they both share various pictures and videos of them together on their social media.

And talking about the settlement of Steve’s divorce, we don’t know how much he gave to Stephanie but what we do know is Steve is a multi-millionaire who has an estimated net worth of $2.8 million.

What Does Stephanie Do Now?

There is no information on what Stephanie is doing now after her divorce from Steve but whatever she may be doing we wish her success and a very good life.

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