Who is Steve Dangle? (About Canadian Sports Analyst)

Steve Dangle

If you are a fan of ice hockey, you might recognize Steven Dangle. He is a pretty famous YouTube star. He is known worldwide as  a sports enthusiast and he has a channel where he covers different sports. Steve is a fan of Toronto Maple Leafs and the and his posts are often centered around that team. He does some recaps, previews as well as gameplay videos of the team.

Early Life

Steve Dangle was born as Steven Glynn on March 12, 1988 in Toronto, Ontario Canada. He went to Sir Oliver Mowat Institute in Scarborough before he graduated from Ryerson University.

After college, Dangle married Sarah-Louise Glynn who is also known as Mrs. Dangle. The couple got married in 2014 and shortly after had a son named Leo. He was born in 2020. They also have two dogs named Iggy and Charlie. The family lives in Oshawa currently.


Dangle stared his career in 2007. He was only 19 when he started to  post ice hockey related content on the internet. He uploaded his videos on YouTube and was probably one of the first few Canadian youtubers.

Dangle also gained support from the fans of Toronto Maple Leafs all over the world and quickly grew his follower base. In a very short time, he became quite famous. He is well known for his hit web series called Leafs Fan Reaction.

In this series he basically reported on every single Leafs games and also covered different news regarding the team. He is known for his podcast The Steve Dangle Podcast as well. It features him and some of his childhood friends as well as analysts like Adam Wylde as well as Jesse Blake. They simply turn the mic and discuss hockey on the podcast.

Dangle even had a professional career. In 2014, he joined Sportsnet and he first started working behind the scenes. After a while, he began hosting events and even producing videos for their YouTube channel.

Dangle even wrote fot Sportsnet. He did many articles for the m and then ran a web series titled Steve’s Dang-Its and Steve’s Hat-Picks for Sportsnet.

After working for 4 years for Sportsnet, Dangle even hot the chance to live TV on Sportsnet as a stand-in host on Time and Sid. He worked with Sid Seixeiro as well as Tim Micallef. 

An year after this event, he became a writer and even released a autobiography titled, “This Team Is Ruining My Life (But I Love Them): How I Became A Professional Hockey Fan.”

The book was released to the public and ice hockey lovers really liked the book. It even received praise from the critics. His writing is quite funny and personal. Because of the relatable way the book was written, a lot of people found the book great and even helpful! 

In the year 2020, Dangle got massive media coverage after his video where he reported on the Leafs losing to the Hurricanes got viral in Canada. This increased in fanbase and following too. 

Net Worth

Steven Has had a really impressive career till now. He is one of the best ice-hockey analyst in Canda and his earnings are anywhere between a million dollars to five. This wealth is from his career on Canadian Sports TV as well as his YouTube stardom.


We don’t have any information about Steve Dangle’s previous relationships but we do know that he is married right now to Sarah-Louise and they live a really happy life. The couple has been together for more than 7 years now and there haven’t been any rumors about their separation or anything. In fact, they just recently had a child together so any separation seems out of the question. They are currently pretty happy and live a good enough life in the Canadian suburbs. They also have got pet dogs and along with their son, they have a beautiful home too. We wish them all the best for the future.

Social Media

Steven Dangle has a really big following in Social Media. He is pretty much available everywhere. In addition to having a YouTube channel, Steve also has a really big Instagram as well as twitter. He constantly tweets about the games, Scorelines and other things sports related. And his Instagram feed is overloaded with pictures from the games, his support for his team, stats of different teams and more.

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