Who is Shiho Yoshimura and Where is She Now?

Shiho Yoshimura

Some say Shiho Yoshimura is at the peak of attractiveness. She is famous for her skill on the court and her looks. She is a fitness freak and keeps her body fit and healthy.

Yoshimura was born on December 13, 1989, in Isehara City, Kanagawa, Japan. She started playing volleyball in the third grade of her elementary school being influenced by her sister.

She is a famous Volleyball Player

She was active in the 2007 Saga Inter-High (Best 4) at the Kawasaki Tachibana High School. She joined Akari Omi and Kaname Yamaguchi as the first – year’s quartet ace spikers in 2008 when she entered Tokai University.

They won second place in the second league in the spring of the same year.

She was selected as the 25th Universiade’s representative in July 2011. She became the main driving force of victory at All Japan In care and won the Best Scorer Award in December of the same year. Also at the same time, the membership of the V Challenge League Ageo Medics was decided.

Again in the 2012/13 V Challenge League, She contributed a lot to the team’s second victory as an ace. She also won the Best New Face Award. She was the representative at the Summer Universiade in 2013.

She won the Final League Brawl Award and received “daring player of the tournament” in the 2014 V. Summer League. She played 10 matches, scoring 117 points in the 2014/15 season. In the next 2015/16 season she played 18 matches and scored 146 points for the team.

In June 2016 she decided to retire and Ageo Medics announced Yoshimura’s resignation.

She is far from public eye

She lives a very secretive life. Not many people expected her to retire so soon as she had a prosperous future in volleyball.

She is a career-based sportsperson and also there’s no news about her dating someone so we can assume that she is not in any relationship. I tried to find her through social media, but it seems that she doesn’t have an official social media account. But there are plenty of fan pages that are only dedicated to her.

We suspect that she is currently living in her home country. She had a brief but memorable moment as a professional volleyball player. She will be remembered as one of the most talented and the cutest female volleyball player.

The average salary of a senior Japanese volleyball player is ¥4, 546,074 per year. It was about $41385. 89 (USD). She must have made a reasonable sum of money as she had a long career.

She is famous for being Thicc

Shiho caught the eyes of males from all over the world and the main reason is her thick body structure, many peoples has even stated that they have never seen a thick Japanese any other girl like Shiho.

The last game Shiho played was in 2016 and after that, she retired from Volleyball. She looks strong and very beautiful in the ring, also her body looks more attractive than any other volleyball player in the ring.

Her exact might be different, but according to some interviews and online sources her body weight is around 57 kgs, and her approx height is 5’6″. Her approx body measurement is 31-24-34 (Bust= 34′, Waist =24′, Hips =34′).

She drinks alcohol occasionally but never smokes. Her eyes and hair are black. Her hobbies are reading, modeling, photography, learning, traveling, and internet surfing. She knows how to cook as well. Her nickname is “Shiho” and her blood group is “A”. Her body shape shows that she is a hard worker and she is right-hand dominant. Even though she is 5’5″, she can spike up to 9’5″.

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