Who is Sheena Melwani Husband, Dinesh Melwani?

Dinesh Melwani

Sheena Melwani is a TikTok star who became famous off of The Real Indian Dad videos that she made on her TikTok account. She is one of the few TikTok stars in India. Sheena has more than 12 million followers on TikTok and she has gained a huge number of views for all of her videos. She has also done collaborations with many people in TikTok as well as other social media influencers like Jax Jones and Bhad. But this article is not about her, it’s about her husband so, let us get started.

What is Sheena Melwani’s husband, Dinesh Melwani?

Dines Melwani is the husband of Sheena and he works as the CEO of Kalaari Capital in India. Dinesh was born in the year 1978 so, this makes him 43 years old. He has a decent height and he weighs around 70 KGs,

Dinesh was born in the state of Chandigarh but he was raised in Mumbai. He went to St Xavier’s College before graduating from MIT Sloan School of Management. He is an MBA graduate. Dinesh and her wife met at Harvard Business School. This was the time when Sheena was doing her MPhil course. They got married around seven years ago and are currently living in the USA.

Dinesh’s Career

Dinesh is a huge business tycoon from India. He spent his childhood in Pakistan though (with his father). But then he spent most of his young adult life in India before going to America.

He even got his degree from Karachi University in Pakistan and then went to work for Multinational companies like General Electric and Citibank. He then went his own way with the DMM group of companies. This company now has more than 30,000 employees in around 13 countries all over the world.

In terms of personal physical stats, Dinesh is a very fit person with good height and weight as well. His body shape is also average.

Relation Between Dinesh and Sheena

Sheena and Dinesh dated for around 10 years. They met at a birthday party of a mutual friend and then got introduced. The pair were attracted towards each other pretty quickly and the more time they had together, the more they fell in love. Dinesh was actually pretty surprised to know that his future wife had feelings for her and then things got serious with them. They lived apart still their relationship blossomed. And after 10 long years of wait, the pair got married finally.

The couple is quite happy right now and they spend time together most of the time. They also have a good family along with a dog and a beautiful home. We don’t know if they have any children though

Dinesh Melwani Net Worth

Dinesh is a pretty rich guy. “Pretty Rich” might be an understatement though. He owns a multinational company and his business is expanded to a huge number of countries. Dinesh’s total net worth is around $1 to 5 Billion. Yes, he is a billionaire and he lives a lavish life with his wife. We can some glimpses of this life on his Social Media!

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