Who is Jim Acosta Ex-Wife, Sharon Mobley Stow?

Sharon Mobley Stow

Sharon Mobley Stow is a nurse who came in limelight, for being Jim Acosta’s ex-wife. Jim is a Chief White House Correspondent.

Sharon and Jim get married in 1993 and they did divorce in 2017, after 24 years of togetherness.

Who is Sharon Mobley Stow?

Name Sharon Mobley Stow
Birth Place USA
Date Of Birth 1971
Age 49 years (as in 2020)
Height 5 feet and 5 inches
Weight 57Kg
Net worth $2million
Ex-Husband Jim Acosta

Sharon Stow was born on December 26, 1970, and her birthplace is Severna Park, Maryland. She used to be a nurse who later became famous after marrying world-famous American journalist Abilio James Acosta or also known as Jim Acosta.

We do not have any information about Sharon Stow’s past life, her parents, and as well as about her siblings. She maintains her privacy and never came out in public stating about conditions and plans.

During the Trump administration, Sharon’s ex-husband Jim Acosta used to work as the national correspondent for CNN from the White House side.

Education and Relationship

She finished her education in Maryland and also spent her sweet childhood over there. After that, she studied in James Madison University which is located in Virginia.

It is said that this couple met at college at a young age.

While they were in college they dated for some years before they both get graduated in 1993 and married in the same year. Looks like, they were waiting for the best moment to get married.

Their wedding was done in private where only family members and their friends were invited.

At the time of their relationship and marriage, Jim was not so famous and his career was just starting. Sharon always helped her ex-husband on his struggle days. Although, she was always supporting him from the background only.

She took a nursing course and after finishing her course, she became a registered nurse. Anyway, we don’t have any detailed information if she pursues her career or just stays as a housewife taking care of their children and supporting Jim.

But we have one information where it was said that she did receive many job offers, and also worked for many prestigious hospitals, which were located in Maryland.


Nowadays, lots of celebrities getting divorced, and the same thing happened with this couple. They were married for more than twenty years, and both of them were in a relationship from their college days.

After their marriage, this couple bought a three-bedroom home in Maryland. And this couple had a son and two daughters. This family were seen on vacations in any part of the world, which seems like they are very close to each other,

But in 2017, ‘The New York Post’ published that this couple is finally split and on their own way. They filed a divorce some months before divorce but it was finally, confirmed by 2017.

There are also no details about their divorce since everything had been keeping secret and far from the media. Jim is currently, living a single life, and seems he is dating someone new.

Sharon has returned to her life and she has made her life completely private as well as far from media. So, there is not any detailed information about her as well.

Sharon Mobley Stow Social Media Presence

There is no active account we found that she owns. So, this is also one of the reasons why we don’t have any information about her life and anything related to her.

There are some accounts that share similar names to Sharon Mobley Stow but they are not related to her. While, his ex-husband is very active on social media, and he also doing his current job in CNN as well.

Sharon Stow Net Worth

How much is the Sharon Stow Net Worth? There is no exact figure of her income but, it is said that her net worth is around $1 Million and she earned it in various ways. One way for her net worth to increase can be a divorce.

Ex-Husband Jim Acosta

Abilio James Acosta, professionally known as Jim Acosta is an American journalist, he is the chief domestic communicator for CNN. Before being chief domestic communicator he worked as the national political communicator.

Jim was born on April 17, 1971, in Washington, D.C., United States and he grew up in Virginia. He has a mixed ancestry of Cuba, Irish, and Czech. He went to Annandale High School and graduated from there in 1989. After high school, he went to James Madison University for further study and graduated with a bachelor’s degree in mass communication, with a minor in political science in 1993.

He worked in WMAL but he left WMAL in 1994 and started working in Fox-owned television station WTTG-TV as a desk assistant and after a year, in 1995 he became stand-in anchor and reporter at NBC affiliated television station WBIR-TV, he worked there till 1998, after that he started working in CBS. He was known for his excellent knowledge and voice so he received many job offers including from CNN so in 2007 he joined CNN and it was the best moment of his career as he covered the presidential campaigns of Barack Obama and Bill Clinton and in 2018 he also covered the historic meeting of two presidents Obama and Castro.

Jim Acosta’s Net Worth

In recent years his net worth has increased by 25% and it is expected that the net worth will be increasing by 40%. Jim’s annual salary is $700,000 and according to One World Information, he has a net worth of $1 to $2 million.

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