Who is Shane Morris? About Travis Scott Ex-manager

shane morris

Everyone was shocked when the tragic accident occurred during one of Travis Scott’s Astroworld Festival. His previous manager Shane Morris had claimed an incident took place during the American rap artist and “seizure”. After the incident at the Astroworld festival, the story has resurfaced on the internet.

So, in this article, you will find everything you need to know about Shane Morris and his working relationship with Travis Scott.

Who is Shane Morris?

Shane Morris is 34 years old who works in the music industry. He is the former manager of Travis Scott who managed his career.

Not much is known about him as he recently came into the limelight. But in his TikTok profile, he describes himself as a “machine-learning engineer, dad, husband and cornbread eater from the state of Texas.”

On his personalized website, he has described himself as 34 years old male from the United States who is already married. The link to his website is given below.

link: https://shanemorris.sucks/

He is also an “IT expert with a mission to develop intelligent algorithms capable of learning, analyzing, and predicting future events and his role is to create machines capable of reasoning like the human brain”, according to a bio on Data Science Tech.

Shane Morris about Travis Scott

Shane Morris uploaded a TikTok video where he talks about Travis and said that he had met Travis Scott in 2009 while he was running a site called earmilk.com with his friends.

In the video, he also said that he was a junior-level software engineer and had just finished working with Myspace music. He also said that “For Travis what we did was fake his popularity. I programmed a fleet of Soundcloud bots to artificially inflate his play counts on sound cloud, this told the record-level executive that he was much more popular than he actually was. We also did the same thing early on with Twitter. You may have noticed and somebody made a joke about it that his early follower could make an omelet because they were all eggs. We used software to enhance his visibility via umm…The wrong means.”


Reply to @user45600501586078 What does software have to do with music? #software #spillthetea #behindthescenes #travisscott #astroworld

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He has made other claims besides this which the rapper is unable to respond to.

Shane Morris’s seizure stories

Although the video where he opens about his seizure has been deleted from his TikTok account, one user on YouTube has reuploaded the video.

In that video, he said that “Travis Scott is the worst person I worked with in my entire career in music eight people are dead and hundreds more injured after Travis Scott’s callous reckless behavior at Astroworld and I hate to be the one saying this but I saw this coming and I tried to tell everyone.”

He added, “The story that Ddot is telling is true, I’m Travis Scott’s former manager I’m the one who had a seizure and I’m the one that he left for dead and a basement in Los Angeles. I originally told my account in 2013 and then it re-circulated on Reddit about six years ago the stories coming out of Astroworld and all the videos documenting the evidence are quite clear and they align with what I know about Travis Scott. ”

He also talked about Travis’s nature and told, “When he sees people in harm or danger he tends to only continue thinking about himself and to make it worse he’s been doing this for years at other concerts. I could go on and on about the theft of sessions assaults and all the lies that he’s told his career but the thing that I want you to understand most is this.”

I can’t believe what I’m seeing

People were furious and flooded Morris’s video with comments about his allegations and the horrifying incident at Travis’s Astroworld Festival.

One netizen commented, “Never been a fan of Travis, Super shitty he left this dude to almost die.”

Another wrote, “This guy throws Travis under the bus before confessing himself that he’s a con artist. What joke. What cowardice.”

Some are curious about the seizure incident and want to know more as one commented, “Is there a video explaining the seizure situation? I’m kind of interested in hearing the full story”

Another user commented, “I’ve always liked Travis’s music, But as A Human I’ve never been sure because of how he’s acted in the past. What happened at Astrofest has further proved this and Now he’s getting exposed as the man he truly is.”

Lots of people on the internet are shocked and disappointed with Travis Scott after the incident.

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