Who is Shane Justin and Why is He Famous Now?

Shane Justin

Shane Justin is the owner of the famous Shane Justin collection and a fashion designer. Many of us might have seen rappers like Fabolous and Baddie Lira Galore covered in jewels while spotted in the public. If not then you must have seen Trina styled in her Blue leather piece and quatted below and probably rapper Kashdoll in a lace-up jersey dress. And you might be wondering who might be their fashion designer?

No need to wonder anymore because it’s Shane Justin. He is the fashion designer and the creator of Dare To Be Vintage. He is recently the most popular fashion designer as he specializes in making prom dresses which is all about glitz and glamour. He also has a dress ready for men and women for every occasion and he is mostly recognized for his recreation of famous fashion designers’ dresses.

His background

He was born on 17th April 1994 in Olympia, Washington, United States. He got enrolled at the Florida A&M University but decided to be a fashion designer and left the college after completing a semester. Shane hasn’t revealed about his parents so his family background is still unknown. However, his wide range of high-quality clothes can be bought through his website. The link to his website is given below and the prices are quite reasonable.

link: https://shopshanejustin.com/ 

He has uploaded a YouTube video where he explains his background info and how he is able to create his empire and all. You can watch the video down below.

Dare To Be Vintage

Shane Justin Collection which is also known as Dare To Be Vintage is all about glamour and glitz. The designers’ clothes are worn by famous celebrities, rappers, and internet personalities. He also did an interview with multi-skilled journalist and lifestyle vlogger Victoria R. Johnson and revealed that he found his inclination towards designing and started his designing career after he decided to quit college after completing only one semester. He had a regular job and started by destressing and customizing denim. But he stayed true to his heart and continued to be a designer and produce his stuff.

He brought 100 dollar sewing machine from Walmart and he started his journey to become a fashion designer. Day by day, he made progress and practiced himself to perfection, and so is able to reach such accomplishments. he used to buy vintage clothing and then he redesigned them and resold them later on. Even though it was tough for him to manage his first shop as it was a big possession that he had for the first time, he continued to grind daily for six years and his business grew more and more and started to go viral for prom fashion design.

He is still hungry to achieve more and he is planning to open a Dare To Be Vintage store in all the big cities and countries around the world. He also explains that when people wear his stuff in their everyday life and special events and make a difference in life inspires him to be a fashion designer. Currently, he is the owner of three shops that are in Brooklyn, the NYC location, in  Fort Laundre location, and in Atlanta location.

Shane and Gsuwoo

Shane and Gsuwoo were in a romantic relationship for a long time. During Shane’s birthday, the couple flew to Dubai to celebrate a happy birthday. However, the plan didn’t go well as started to fight on Twitter the same week and they didn’t talk to each other. While Shane was in Dubai he went lice and told the viewers that he was really hurt because Gsuwoo didn’t try to contact him after the flight.

Shane was live on Instagram with his friends and while boozing he said that he was really upset as Gsuwoo was trying to make him look bad. He added, “If Gsuwoo thinks he is the only one right, he is the one, but that doesn’t mean that he can’t have anyone else. To which Gsuwoo replied by saying that Shane spoiled him with all the meals and pampering. However, Shane didn’t reveal the real reason behind their dispute. But after some days, Gsuwoo revealed that the cause was that he didn’t meet Shane’s expectations as he didn’t gift him something expensive and glittery.

Because of Gsuwoo’s reply, Shane faced a lot of criticism on Twitter and their relationship was completely devastated. They are not together anymore and Shane might be single as of now. What do you think about his accomplishments let us know in the comment section.
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