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Who is Selena Green Vargas and Where is She Now?



Selena Green Vargas

There are many mysteries and mysterious people around the world, so is the story of Selena Vargas. Today it is really easy for someone to become a star or rise to stardom through social media like TikTok, Instagram, or Facebook. But at the time Selena became famous there was no chance for someone to become a star or famous using social media, so what did she do to become famous?

In 2015 there was news which broke the internet and the news was obviously about Selena, there were rumors or better said news that claimed Selena cheated on her Navy Seal boyfriend by keeping her profession a secret, which could not be secret for a long time.

In this blog post, we will be talking about adult movie star Selena Green Vargas and her story, what happened to her, what and she is up to these days. Keep reading to know the story of Selena and other detail about her.

Who Is Selena Green Vargas?


Full Name Selena Green Vargas
Marital Status Unknown
Birth Place U.S
Eye Color Black
Religion Christianity
Nationality American
Profession Porn Star

If you do not know who she is then my guy you are definitely going to heaven XD, jokes aside, Selena was born on July 19, 1990, in Bellflower, California, United States, according to the sources. She used to be an adult movie star but she does not have many videos.

Even though she didn’t have or does not have much of her p**n video she was still very famous as her videos had already crossed 14 million views on various adult sites, so considering the fact we can say that she was really popular and was one of the biggest p**n star of her time and still she would lead the adult sites if she was still into the adult movie business. If she was born in the late 2000s there is a high chance that she could become an Instagram or TikTok model.

What Really Happened to Selena? (News Broke The Internet)

It was back in 2015 news about the adult movie star broke down the internet after a Navy Seal officer published a picture of him with his girlfriend together on 4Chan, and his girlfriend was none other than the famous adult actress Selena. Navy Seal officer wanted people to share their thoughts and review the picture.

There were also violent assaults about the officer’s uniform but more than that people were talking and commenting about the girl. Everybody was commenting about the girl in the picture being a popular adult actress and someone even posted a photo of Selena from one of her videos, dressed in the same way as the Navy Seal had shared on a picture.

Everyone started to show hate on Selena and compassion on the Navy Seal officer as they thought he was a victim, victim of what? of his girlfriend’s lies, people believed that Selena was cheating on her boyfriend by keeping her profession a secret. While there were people claiming she was cheating or lying to her boyfriend there were also people or rumors claiming that her boyfriend knew about her being an adult star, there were also people who thought the whole thing was created just to get more attention.

The story is a mystery as nobody knows the truth or reality about that news and rumors, more than that Selena vanished from the internet after her videos went viral but as of now there is an Instagram account under her name and in its bio “Before you judge me, make sure you’re perfect” is written, furthermore, the account also features a link to a TikTok account. Both of the accounts are private so if it is really her then she is now keeping her personal life low and private.

We all have something from the past that we run from and it’s not very surprising if Selena is doing the same and keep the past to the past itself.

Adult Movie Star Before 4Chan Post Went Viral

According to the reports Selena was already an adult movie star before the post on 4Chan blew the internet or went viral. We don’t where she is now or what she is doing, as she kind of vanished or disappeared from the internet after the post went viral but there have been some reports which suggest that Selena is still working as an adult star as there are videos on adult sites with her name on the profile.

If the profiles are really hers then she could still be working as an adult star but I personally don’t think that truly is her, if it was her then she would not have kept her Instagram and TikTok account private, please bear in mind this is my personal view and also depending on the comments on her videos her fans are still wondering where she is and questioning if she will ever comeback as an adult star.

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