Who is Saule Omarova’s husband, Timur Han Uckun?

Saule Omarova

Saule Omarova has come into the limelight after she was nominated to serve as Comptroller of the Currency by Joe Biden.

She was not so famous but as soon as the nominated news circulated on the internet many people start to search about her and want to know more about her life including her husband. So, in this article, we will dig a lot about her husband and also about her family life.

Saule is a Kazakh-American attorney who has been serving the country for a long time.

Who Is Saule Omarova Husband?

Saule’s husband’s name is Timur Han Uckun and he is also a scholar like Saule. As per Daily Mail UK, it was found that he is currently working as an IT consultant and security advisor at Cornell University.

Although the family life of Saule has remained far from the media world it has been heard and found that the family life of this couple is good and their relationship is strong.

When Saule was in her young and teenage it was found that she never dated any guy and at the same hand her husband was very focused on his studies which keep him far from a love life too.

But after the completion of education couple met somewhere that had not been disclosed and started to love each other. Their relationship got strong and the couple finally did marry.

At the time Omarova is 55 years old and Timur is 57 years old. The couple loves to dance together and Saule has a passion of dancing too.

The couple has never managed to show their relationship life and also current family condition to the world.

Saule Omarova and Timur Children

The information about Saule and Timur’s children has not been made public but as per some sources, it was found that the couple has sons but how many are still unknown to us.

Omarova was born in a Yurt which lies in the West Kazakhstan Region of the Kazakh Soviet Socialist Republic. Where people used to live in a traditional tent-like house and everywhere is covered by snow.

But later she moved to the USA and started her new life and also completed her Ph.D. from the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

Is She Chosen By Joe Biden?

Yes, she was directly nominated by Joe Biden and it looks like Biden knows Saule from early days.

In 1995, she was arrested for the charge of theft from a local store. In this case, The White House has made a statement explaining that she has been fully transparent about this incident throughout her career.

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