TikTok: Who Is Sam Postar? Why users are calling for his ban?

Sam Postar

TikTok is a platform where many people get viral overnight. Many of today’s popular social media influencers became famous after using TikTok including Charli D’Amelio, Bella Poarch, Khaby Lame, and many more. Nowadays a TikTok user named Sam Postar is getting viral and many other users have been reacting to him.

Now many TikTok users have started a trend “how is sam postar not banned” so why are all these users demanding to ban Sam Postar? who is Sam Postar? why is he famous? let’s find out everything about this trend in this piece.

Who is Sam Postar?

There is no information on who Sam is because his account is kept private. Furthermore, he is also one of many users who got viral. Sam currently has over 2 million followers on his account. However, now there are many users who are demanding to ban him.

So why is he getting viral and why are other users demanding to ban him from TikTok.

Why is he getting viral?

As mentioned, Sam is getting viral even though his account is private and many users have been demanding to ban him from the app. Sam has nearly got 3 million followers on his account so why is he famous and why is he getting viral now? only his hashtag “sampostar” has been opened more than a million times.

However, not most of the users know the reason he is getting viral. We don’t know how Sam got viral but we do know why users are demanding to ban him from the app. The reason why users are demanding to ban him is that a TikTok user posted a video a few days ago where he revealed why the trend “how is sam postar not banned” is going on.


#greenscreen don’t tag him he might unfollow me #fyp #samposter

♬ original sound – Manwithoutabrain

He revealed that making a video saying “how is sam postar not banned” on TikTok makes one’s video go viral and he also stated that one guy with 0 followers got 4 million views after making a video.

About Sam Postar

While he is being viral it is not known how long has the user been in the app because he has his account private. However, there are various sources that claim, Sam has contents that are impropriate. And as mentioned there are many TikTok users who are using Sam Postar hashtag and demanding to ban him.

Moreover, some have stated that it is Sam who started the “how is sam postar not banned” trend because obviously, it benefits him and helps him go viral.

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