Who is Sabrina Carpenter dating?

Sabrina Carpenter

You must have heard of the name Sabrina Carpenter. She is a great actress and a singer who has captured our hearts with her beautiful voice. She is well-known for her work at the Disney Channel’s series Girl Meets World, which is a spinoff of Boy Meets World. In the series, she portrayed the role of Maya Heart, the rebellious best friend of Riley. She was loved by many as her character became phenomenal and adored character and lots of viewers enjoyed watching her act in the series.

She became really famous because of her performance and later she released her first debut EP titled “Can’t Blame A Girl For Trying”. Sabrina is one of the most caring and talented celebrities as she has a creative and positive mindset that radiates from her to her colleagues, fans, and people around her.  One thing that’s great about is that she has been herself no matter what and her fans also appreciate it. You might have also noticed that in her character Maya in Girl Meets World.

She has a very great body appearance and is absolutely beautiful and fans are not able to keep their eyes off her in her most recent music video. As famous as she is, it’s only natural that many people are curious about her personal life and relationships. If you are one of the curious people then you are in ht right place as you will find everything you need to know about her present relationships and personal life. So, let’s get started by knowing her better.

Who is Sabrina Carpenter?

Sabrina Carpenter was born on 11th May 1995 in Leigh Valley, Pennsylvania. She is the youngest member of her family and she has two sisters Sarah Shanon and Cayla. Surprisingly, she is the niece of the famous actress voice actor Nancy Cartwright. She had voiced for Bart Sipson, the longest-running character in the popular kids’ show “The Simpsons”. Her parents had homeschooled her so she could focus on music since childhood. She has a very supportive parent as her father has built a purple studio for her to enjoy and make music. Another shocking news is that she started uploading videos on YouTube when she was only 10years  old.

Later in 2013, she had got a chance to act alongside Rowan Blanchards for Girls Meets World. While Working together they had a great friendship with her co-stars including Rowan Blanchards. None of us expected her to become the best friends with her on-screen best friend. To conclude,  she is an amazing and beautiful person who is very talented in singing in the western industry.

Current relationship status

She is currently in a relationship with The High School Musical Star Joshua Bassett. They were spotted together when they were protesting during the Black Lives matter in July 2020 and the rumors about them started spreading rapidly after that. Not only that they were once again spotted together at the launch but the two haven’t decided to reveal their relationship and remained silent. During Halloween, their video of dressing up as Sharkboy and Lavgirl once again raised the dating speculations. They were spotted once again during the January of 2021 after which the rising superstar Olivia Rodrigo released her acclaimed song Driver’s License.

By this point, fans were already sure that they were in a relationship, and the Driver’s License had been about Sabrina Carpenter and Joshua Bassett’s dating news. This caused a heated feud between the fans of Sabrina Carpenter and fans of Olivia Rodrigo. Fans were confident that Sabrina carpenter’s Skin was a response to Olivia’s song but both of them are very talented artists and none of these two should receive any hate. We should respect them both and stop comparing them to one another like civilized beings.

Previously, there were rumors about Sabrina dating Girl Meets World co-star Corey Fogelmanis. However, she had denied these rumors when she uploaded a birthday post for her co-star Corey Fogelmanis. If we look at her post then we can see that they are no more than just close friends. But, lots of people were disappointed as they looked cute together. Some of the dating rumors she had in the past are with Bradley Steven Perry, Casey Cott, Griffin Gluck, and Bradley Simpson.

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