Where is Ricky Vela Now?

ricky vela

Richardo Vela who is popularly known as Ricky Vela is a keyboardist and songwriter who was in an American Tejano band called Selena y Los Dinos which was formed in 1981 but Ricky joined the band in 1984 and he was in the band from 1984 to 1995.

Ricky is part of the songs like Dame Un Beso, Soy Amiga, Dame Tu Amor, Tu No Sabes, Tu Robaste Mi Corazon, El Chico del Apartamento 512, and many more. Some of the songs were even listed in the charts of Mexican Regional Songs, Billboard 200, and Billboard Latin Songs.

Ricky has also been nominated for various awards and has even won two awards and he also played his own character in the film Selena which was aired in 1997.

There is also a series on Netflix called Selena: The Series which is about the tragic life story of the singer of the band Selena y Los Dinos, Selena Quintanilla and the series also show us many characters including Ricky and after watching the series fans are now really eager to know what happened to Ricky after he left the band.

The series showed that Ricky had feelings for Selena’s sister Suzette but fans are still questioning if Ricky was in love with Selena or her sister so we will also answer this question in this piece of article.

Is Ricky Vela Alive, Where is He Now?

ricky vela

Well, after the tragic death of Selena in 1995, their band was disbanded and after that, there is no information on where or what Ricky Vela is doing but we can surely say that he is alive.

Certainly, Ricky did not release any songs after the band disbanded but in 2020 Ángela Aguilar created her own version of Ricky’s song No Me Queda Más, and she acknowledged Ricky as the composer.

Also, Ricky was seen in Madame Tussauds in Hollywood alongside the wax statue of an American-Mexican pop star Selena.

Was Ricky in Love With Selena or Her Sister Suzette?

Even though the series clearly showed that Ricky had a feeling for not Selena but her sister Suzette but still some of the fans seem to be confused if he loved Selena or Suzette.

Just as it was shown in the series, Ricky had a feeling or was in love with Selena’s older sister and the band’s drummer Suzette.

If you are still in doubt then in 1994 Selena and Suzette’s father Abraham Quintanilla said to the Billboard that Ricky had a feeling for his older daughter Suzette. He said that Ricky told him that he liked Suzette but he was an introverted and shy person.

Abraham also said that he would often say to Ricky to go and talk to her if you like her but as he was shy and introverted, he would not talk to her.

Also, after Suzette was married to a person named Billy Arriaga in 1994, he wrote a song about his one-sided love No Me Queda Más (There is Nothing Left For Me). The song was a hit and was even listed in Billboard Hot Latin Song’s number 1, Billboard Latin Pop Airplay number 13, and Billboard Regional Mexican Airplay number 1.

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