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Who is Crystal Reed’s Ex-husband, Peter Nottoli?



Peter Nottoli
Wife Crystal Reed
Profession Actor
Height Tall
Weight Slim
Net Worth N/A

Peter Nottoli is an American celebrity who came to the forefront after his relationship with Crystal Reed. Crystal reed is a famous American actress who became famous after portraying the role of Allison Argent in the hit series Teen Wolf. This show ran from 2011 to 2014.

Peter Nottoli Biography

Peter Nottoli is a celebrity ex-husband who was born and raised in the United States of America. Peter has a mixed ethnicity but is an American citizen.

He hasn’t revealed much information about his parents, early life and education though Even his DOB, birthday and other information is also not there online.

He has an average height and weight but his appearance can be quite deceiving. He appears tall but the complete detail is still not really available.

We will provide you the information once we have them. Peter has really managed to keep a low profile of his whole life and he also doesn’t have a strong online presence.


Peter is currently working as a product Manager. He works at Heartland RV at this position. This company is a worldwide manufacturer of Recreational Vehicles such as RVs. He joined the company in May of 2019 and has since worked there full time.

But has Peter worked here all his life? Not really. He was a part of many organizations before. He first worked as an assistant manager at Enterprise Rent-A-Car in January of 2004. He managed this company and trained new staff as well.  But due to some problems, he left this company and then went on to work with Convurge Consulting. This was in the year 2004 of January.

After this Nottoli spent over a year with this company and sold business conventions to senior executives. In addition, he also maintained corporate clients here. After working here, he then went on to Eat Well Drink Better Inc as a general manager in the March month of 2005.

This company is based in Chicago and has a number of Restaurants and Bars in the city. He quit his job there is August 2007. In addition, Nottoli became the sales rep at Morgan Healthcare Services in the August of same year. This is a company that provides medical linen to healthcare services.

So, we can say that Peter has had experiences with many organizations covering different sectors of the world. He has worked in different departments like Sales, Management, Trainer and more. His knowledge is extensive and this street knowledge has really helped him make a good career.

Who is Peter Nottoli’s ex Wife, Crystal Reed?

Nottoli first became famous after his relationship with successful actress Crystal Reed came to light. Reed is an American actress born on Feb 6, 1985. She pursued her acting career from Roseville.

She moved to Chicago working for many local production houses after she graduated. In the year 2010, Reed got her break. She played the guest star in the hit TV show CSI.

It is speculated that after the divorce with crystal, Peter moved on. And his online presence since then has been pretty low.

Divorce with Crystal Reed

The exact information of how Peter’s relationship with Reed started is still a mystery. According to different sources, they dated for years before exchanging wedding vows. Peter and Crystal got married in private with their respective families in 2008.

The wedding was held in Roseville, Michigan. In the initial phase of their life, they weren’t having any problems. Soon after, conflicts started and the main reason behind those conflicts is said to be personal differences.

Crystal filed for divorce on 2011. Since they didn’t have any kids, the divorce process was pretty fast and on May 31, 2012 it was done and dusted. The exact reason is still not known though.

Reed, because of her celebrity status has a wide open relationship life. She was seen in a relationship with Darren McMullen, a Scottish TV and radio presenter.

The couple also started dating in 2014 but the relationship did not last long as they broke up in 2019.  But before Darren, Reed also dated Daniel Sharman. They were in a relationship for more than a couple of years. They broke up in 2013. Right now Reed is single.

What is the Net Worth of Crystal Reed?

The net worth information of Peter is currently not known. His income source is definitely his career but no information is available on it.

Peter has definitely been able to gather a good amount of money but he prefers to keep that information private. Peter just came into the spotlight as a celebrity ex-wife.

On the other hand though, his ex-wife-Crystal Reed has an estimated valuation of 2 million USD. Her main source of income is her acting career. In addition, she also wins good cash from her supporters.

Her Instagram  account is quite followed and she gets good amount of income with her Instagram posts. We think her earning from Instagram is on par with her acting career.

She has also been in very impressive television world and motion pictures. She gains an attractive slew of cash from these endeavors.

Her total asset portfolio is thought to be of 600 thousand dollars but this data was from 2016. Her value seems to be only going up because of her excellent career.

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