Who is Pfizer CEO’s wife, Myriam Bourla?

Myriam Bourla

You must have probably heard the name of the CEO of Pfizer Albert Bourla. He is probably a well-known personality in the medical-industrial media.

Pfizer is one of the world’s leading pharmaceutical and biotechnology industry companies to become the first company to develop and test a working vaccine for COVID-19. He is popular for his political views and charity works as well as he engages quite often with business leaders such as Bill Gates.

But do you know about his beloved wife Myriam Bourla? If not then you will find everything you need to know about her in this article. Firstly, let’s get to know about Myriam Bourla.

Who is Myriam Bourla?

Myriam Bourla, who is also known as Myriam Alchanati Bourla is well-known as the wife of Albert Bourla. Even though her husband is continuously in the spotlight and she has spoken up with the media regarding her husband’s works and company, she has kept her personal details under the wraps from media and the internet.

Although her exact date of birth has been disclosed yet, she is estimated to be in her late 40’s. We don’t know why she has chosen to live a normal life but we should respect her choice as fame is not what Myriam wants.

She was born and raised in Thessaloniki, Greece. Myriam and Albert had met and married in their home country. But, later they moved to the US when he was 34 years old in 1995.

She follows Jewish as her religion and together with her husband she shares two children: a son and a daughter.

Death Hoax

Recently she had been involved in the death rumor because of an article that had a misleading title that states “WIfe of Pfizer’s CEO dies after complications from the vaccine”. The article was uploaded on the internet on 10th November 2021 and it had claimed that Myriam had died from complications from the Covid-19.

The article also claimed that Myriam had refused to take the vaccine even though she was proud of her husband’s work as she stated “I just want to communicate that I’m very proud for my husband and the work he has done. I’m also very happy for humanity and the hope that the vaccine brought to the world. I haven’t had the vaccine yet because is not my turn, yet.”

But like usual the statements were taken out of context from an interview that she had given with Scarsdale 10583. Originally, it had claimed that she hadn’t received the vaccine since she was 48, making her too young.

But, Amy Rose, the spokesperson of Pfizer accused the author of the article and she made a statement saying “Our CEO’s wife is alive and well, contrary to what was said on the Internet,” Rose wrote in an email to the AP. “It is unconscionable that a person posing as a journalist would spread such lies about our CEO and his family with the goal of undermining confidence in a vaccine that has been given to hundreds of millions of people worldwide.”

Net Worth

We weren’t able to find and determine her net worth as she lives quite a secretive life. However, she is the wife of the multi-millionaire CEO of the world’s leading pharma company so WWE can expect her to live a quite lavish and comfortable life.

It is also revealed that her husband’s net worth is at least USD 31.9 million as of February 2021 and his salary at Pfizer is USD 17,.9 million. Myriam’s husband owns over 53,925 units of Pfizer stock worth over USD 8.3 million and he has sold PFE stock worth over USD 5.5 million over the last 8 years.

The largest trade made by her husband

According to the Form 4 filed with the SEC, he has over 17 trades of the Pfizer stocks since 2014. As stated above, he has recently exercised 53,925 units of PFE stock worth USD 8.3 million.

On 25th February 2021, he made the largest trade of his life of 163,334 units of Pfizer stock worth over USD 3.7 million. He still owns 165,034 units of Pfizer stock even though he trades about 3,890 units every 12 days since 2014.

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