Who is Max Helm? About Fiji UNL Arrested

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If you are familiar with Max Helm then you might know about the protest “All Rapist Can Rot In Hell” but if you don’t then you have missed the rape incident but you don’t need to worry about it you know why? because we are here to tell you everything you need to know about who Max Helm is and what he did.

Max Helm is an active member of Phi Gamma Delta which is also known as Fiji, it’s basically a social fraternity, and according to a few sources, they have morals or beliefs that are totally crazy. For example one of their pledge rules is no Mexicans so we can already see these people are some racist freaks.

So as mentioned Max is one of the members of this group Fiji and he heartlessly raped a 17 years old girl at the University of Nebraska Lincoln, that’s what we are going to talk about in this piece of the article so keep up with us and read the full article to know what happened?

Short Biography of Max Helm

As already mentioned Max is one of the members of Phi Gamma Delta or Fiji but he committed an unforgivable sin and as already written he raped a 17 years old girl heartlessly and left her all bleeding on 24 August.

After the incident words started spreading all over and many students protested against Fiji they also held a petition to put an end to Fiji where 80k people signed only in one day. People also started posting #fu**fiji on various social media platforms like Instagram, Twitter, and Tiktok.

But it seems that it isn’t the first time that Fiji was suspended in 2017 for a similar incident which was revealed by a Twitter user Emmy.

There is no information about when Max Helm was born or about his parents and other personal details so we don’t know anything about him much.

Where is Max Helm Now?


While members of Fiji are not much concerned about the incident there are many people and students of UNL who are raising their voices for the victim and protesting to put an end to Fiji. There is not much information available about Max but as per a few sources, he has run away to Mexico. He committed a disgraceful crime and now he must face the consequences of his action.

Many Joined The Protest

As mentioned many people joined the protest against Max and Fiji and the matter is being handled by the police but according to the sources, it was the first time many people were protesting against a rapist and a crazy people’s group.

According to sources, words spread to the students and other people through social media like Yik Yak and Snapchat, with this, we can also understand that social media is really powerful and we should use it wisely.

Also, we wish for the victim’s speedy recovery, and may the victim and her family find peace and the police and judges will get justice for the victim and her family.

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