Who is Matthew Labyorteaux? Is He Married?

Matthew Labyorteaux

So you are here to know about Matthew Labyorteaux huh? well, I must say that your choice of site is pretty amazing as this is where you’ll get to know everything about Matthew Labyorteaux.

Who is Matthew Labyorteaux? when was he born? what is he known for? what about his family and educational background? all these questions will be covered in this article so stick with us and read the full article to know about Matthew Labyorteaux.

Short Background of Matthew Labyorteaux (Matthew Charles)

So who is Matthew Labyorteaux? Matthew is an American actor who works in the movies, television, and he also works as a voice actor. Few people might get confused with Matthew Labyorteaux, Laborteaux, and Charles but let me clear this up all of them are the same person, it’s just that in most of the credits his family name is spelled Laborteaux and in some other animation credits he name is also spelled, Charles.

He was noticed for his role as Albert Ingalls in the American drama television series Little House on the Prairie and he has worked in numerous movies and TV shows which we will talk about later.

When was Matthew born? Matthew Charles Labyorteux was born on December 8, 1966, in Los Angeles, California, United States, Matthew is currently 55 years old and if you are wondering what his zodiac sign is then according to his birth date he is Sagittarius.

Matthew could not talk until he was 5 years old and he also started walking only after he turned 3. It was reported by People magazine in 1978 that Matthew was born with a hole in his heart.

Labyorteaux is a Gamer

Like most of us, Labyorteaux used to love video games and I hope that he still does. Back in the days, he used to participate in various gaming contests, and at Centipede at the Atari, Inc. world championships in October 1981, he came in 10th position. Similarly, in April 1982 at a People-sponsored tournament, he became the Pac-Man champion of the United States.

Family and Educational Background

Unfortunately, there is no information available on Labyorteaux’s educational background. As for his family, we don’t know who his biological parents are but he was adopted by Ronald Labyorteaux and Frances Marshall. His father Ronald was a genius agent and interior designer and his mother Frances was an actress.

We guess that he was raised in California by his parents along with his brother Patrick and sister Jane Labyorteaux. His brother Patrick was also adopted and is an actor, television writer, and television producer. However, there is not much information about Jane.


Labyorteaux is a well-known actor who has worked in numerous movies and television series including Little House on the Prairie, Mulan, Whiz Kids, Pinocchio, and many more.

But how did he start his career as an actor? since we don’t know his educational background, we also don’t know if he took any acting classes or went to acting school but he started working in commercials when he was just seven years old.

Later he landed his first role in the drama/romance film A Woman Under the Influence. After that, he started working in various films and television series which I have mentioned above as well. It is said that his best performance till now is in the horror/thriller film Deadly Friend where portrayed Paul Conway.

According to various reports, now Labyorteaux is working as a voice actor or artist and he has voiced in different video games, commercials, and even in a few films and television shows.

Is He Active on Social Media?

Most of the celebrities are pretty active on social media but Labyorteaux does not seem to enjoy social media much as he does not have any official social media accounts or pages till now.

Body Measurements

There are several websites that suggest Labyorteaux has a height of 5.5ft and he weighs around 70kg. He has a dark hair color with a pair of beautiful hazel eyes.

Since his height and weight were taken from non-official sites we don’t claim that his height and weight is given above are an exact match, given height and weight is just estimated so it might not match his exact height or weight.

Is Matthew Married or Single?

Matthew with his wife, Leslie Stevens Labyorteaux

Matthew is a happily married man and he is married to a woman named Leslie. We don’t have any clue on how the two met but they were married on July 17, 2020.

Leslie was married to another man before she married Labyorteaux and she had children with his first husband so now Labyorteaux is a stepfather of Leslie’s two children but we don’t know what is the names of those two. We don’t know if Labyorteaux and Leslie have children of their own.

Awards and Nominations

Since Labyorteaux has worked in numerous films and television series he also has been nominated for a few awards. He was nominated as Best Young Actor in a Drama Series for Little House on the Prairie in 1983, Best Young Actor in a New Television Series for Whiz Kids in 1984, and Best Young Actor in a Drama Series for Little House on the Prairie in 1984.

How Much Does He Earn? (His Net Worth)

As mentioned Labyorteaux has worked in many films and television series including Mulan, A Woman Under the Influence, King of the Gypsies, Next Gen, Yu-Gi-Oh!: Bonds Beyond Time, The Wind Rises, Amazing Stories: Fine Tuning, and many more.

He has also worked in various video games including hack series, Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Links, Gangstar Vegas, Star Wars: The Old Republic, Thrillville, Thrillville: Off the Rails, and Kinect Star Wars.

Since he has worked in many films, television series, and video games you might think that he must have a lot of income and a huge net worth but that is not true. According to the celebrity net worth, he has a net worth of only $400 thousand.

Here you go folks, this is everything you need to know about actor, television producer, television writer Matthew Labyorteaux. If you want to know about certain someone then feel free to comment down and we will try to get back at you as soon as possible.

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