Who Is Matt Kaplan? (Personal Life and Net Worth)

Matt Kaplan

A lot of people know the producer Matthew Kaplan. He is most commonly known as Matt Kaplan. If you don’t have any idea who he is, he is the reason why so many of our favorite films on Netflix exists. He is the founder as well as the CEO of Ace Entertainment. This company makes many feature films, TV shows, and digital content as well. Matt is very popular as a film producer.

He has managed to produce many top-quality Netflix films like ‘To All The Boys I’ve Lover Before’ and ‘The Perfect Date.’ His genre is basically young adult rom-com. Matt is also known for giving many young people their first break. And that might be one reason why his production company is so successful. So, what is Matt’s life like? Today, we take a look at his profile to see what he is up to. Let us get started!

Matt Kaplan is a Californian

Matt Kaplan is quite a famous producer and he was born in the year 1984. He was born on the 14th of April in the state of California. This makes him 36 years old. His zodiac sign is Aries. In terms of nationality, he is a born American citizen. He got his primary education from California. After graduating from school, he went to study History as well as film at Columbia University. He also worked in many companies after he got through college.

Matt Kaplan’s Producer Career

Matt has gained exposure from many companies. He is experienced in the field of production and had the optimal skill to kick off his career in the first place. His hard work and dedication paid off in the long run. Matt has revealed that he started his own career by first working for the United Talent Agency. He did an internship for the UTA. After that, he went on to work with Todds Philips Company.

This job led him to his next stint in the CBS. With CBS, his actual production journey began. He got to produce a TV show named Clare, and Michael. He then founded Ace Entertainment and became the CEO of his own company. The company is actually one of the best companies in the Hollywood industry. Before starting his own company, Matt did work as the president of Awesomeness Films.

Matt is a terrific producer and has some direction credit to his name as well. He has managed to do a lot of solid projects. Films such as ‘Spontaneous’ is a very big deal. In addition to all of these films, he has also contributed to Netflix. He has made films like The Perfect Date, All the Boys I’ve Ever Loved Before, The Lazarus Effect, and Before I fall for the streaming platform.

Is Matt in a relationship? Matt Kaplan’s Personal Life

There has been no rumor about Matt being in a relationship with anyone. This is mainly because he is already in a marriage with Alexandra Cooper. The two tied the knot this year in fact, back in the February of 2021. It was quite a small ceremony. This was mainly done because of the pandemic. Only those who were close to the two attended the marriage. The American producer also shared a marital relationship with an Australian Actress named Claire Holt back in 2016 but that is a topic for another day!

Anyway, Matt and Alexandra met one year earlier. After that, they dated for a year before tying the knot. Claire even updated her fans about it on her Social Media. The marriage was quite a private one. Only friends and family knew about it.

Matthew did have a divorce with Claire Holt though. He was actually married to Claire but they split in 2017 because of some differences between the two. They moved on quickly and now, Matt is more than happy with Alexandra.

How much is Matt Kaplan worth?

Matt Kaplan is quite a famous film producer so, this means he does have quite a fortune. His net worth exceeds a million dollars but we cannot put an exact number on it. This is mainly because his worth is tied up to the success of his production house!

Some More Facts About Matt Kaplan

  • As we mentioned earlier, Matt is the founder of Ace Entertainment. But what does this company do? Well, it is a production house that produces movies and TV shows. They also do online digital content.
  • Matt was in a long-distance relationship with a person named Ashley Olsen before he married Claire in 2016. The two were in an LDR for 3 years before getting a split.
  • When Matt was in a marriage with Claire Holt, he got a divorce from her a day before their first anniversary. The divorce was quite brutal for both of them.
  • In terms of Education, Matt actually went to Columbia University which is a premier institute in America. He got his BA degree in Film Studies from the University.
  • Matt’s three biggest hits include films such as: To All the Boys I Love Before, The Perfect Date, Spontaneous. These movies have quite a fanbase and are popular on Netflix.
  • If his ex-wife is correct, Matt is a neat freak and likes to have many things organized in his life.
  • Matt doesn’t want to be on Social Media sites like Facebook and Twitter.

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