Who is Leslie Hamilton Gearren? (Terminator 2 Actress)

leslie hamilton gearren

Leslie Hamilton Gearren was an incredibly famous American actress. Leslie Hamilton Gearren is the identical twin of a very popular person Linda Hamilton. They are known as Hamilton Twins. Today, we are going to be providing you with the life and achievements of the great actress Leslie Hamilton Gearren. So, without any further delay, let us get started.

Childhood and Birth

Leslie Hamilton lived for 64 years and she was born in 1956 in Salisbury, Maryland. Her birthdate was 26th September so, this makes her a Libra. She holds American Nationality and has a mixed ethnicity of English, Scottish and even Welsh.

Leslie’s father’s name is Carroll Stanford Hamilton and her mother’s name is Barbara K. Holt. Leslie’s father was a physician and he passed away in a Car Accident when Leslie was just five years old. After that, her mother went on to marry a police officer.

Leslie has three siblings. One of them is her twin, Linda Hamilton and she also has her younger brother Ford. She also has an older sister named Laura. In terms of her educational background, Leslie attended the Wicomico Junior High and then went on to study at the Wicomico High School is Salisbury.

Leslie had a height of 5 feet and her weight was around that 60 kilo mark. She had a good figure, blonde hair and blue eyes. These are all the traits of a successful actress and indeed, Leslie was one of them!

Death of Leslie Hamilton Gearren

Leslie Hamilton Gearren passed away on the month of August in 2020. Her death date was August 22 and she died unexpectedly during the worldwide Pandemic. Everyone was shocked at this news and Hollywood’s biggest names shed a tear or two during this time. Condolence messages were plenty and a lot of people really made effort to understand her.

Career and Professional Life

Leslie was an American Nurse. She worked as an emergency room nurse for most part of her life. She was a nurse at a hospital in New Jersey. She was also remembered as a caretaker in the hospital. Her whole life was devoted on helping children and other victims in the hospital.

Her acting career was awesome as well. She appeared in films with her twin sister Linda in films such as ‘Terminator 2 ; Judgement Day.’ This role came in the year 1991. You can even see her play the double for Lida Hamilton in one of the scene which is a really cool bit of Trivia. This role made her pretty famous as a person.

Relationship Status

Leslie was married when she was alive but we don’t really know the name of the husband. She never really mentioned it as her private life was pretty quiet and private and she kind of liked it that way.  She did have three children with her husband namely Ashley, Kendell and Adam. Leslie also became a grandmother of her two grandchildren and their names are Luna Bo and Ollie.

Social Media and Net Worth

Leslie was not active on any kind of Social Media platforms during her life. She was an old soul and she did not really get Social media so, he never had one. Perhaps she wanted to live a really normal life away from all the public eye as well as limelight. So, she decided to stay away from the Social world.  Leslie has an estimated net worth of around $2.5 million and her main income source for it is her nursing career. She also earned a few bucks from her acting career. She had some minor roles here and there and this made her gain extra money.

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