Who Is KK Dixon? About Ja Morant’s Girlfriend

KK Dixon with Ja Morant

Temetrius Jamel “Ja” Morant is a National Basketball Association (NBA) player who needs no introduction. Born in Dalzell, South Carolina, United States, on August 10, 1999, Morant is currently 22 years old. He plays for the Memphis Grizzlies of the NBA.

22 years old Ja Morant is the father of one daughter Kaari Jaidyn Morant who was born in 2019. So who is Kaari’s mother? yes, you guessed it right Ja Morant’s ex-girlfriend KK Dixon is the mother of his daughter. But unlike Morant’s career, his love life does not make any headlines as he keeps it private. This piece will cover everything about Morant’s ex-girlfriend KK Dixon

Who is KK Dixon?

As per the reports, Dixon was born in 200 and she currently is 21 years old. She is the daughter of DeShannon and Christal Dixon. She has two siblings and her brother Tyrix Dixon is a basketball player who currently is playing for Missouri State Bears. Furthermore, it is reported that she is from Antoine, Arkansas.

Moreover, Kadre Dixon is a student of Fisk University located in Nashville, Tennessee. It seems that she plays volleyball as well as basketball at the university.

KK Dixon is the mother of Ja Morant’s daughter

It is not known how long Dixon and Morant were in a relationship or how the two even meet but it was in 2018 when Dixon put the picture of them together. On August 7, 2019, Dixon gave birth to their daughter Kaari Jaidyn Morant and Dixon had to stay in the hospital for a few weeks because Kaari was born prematurely as she was born two months before she was expected.

This August Kaari will be turning 3 years old. She also has an Instagram account which we can guess is being handled by her parents and she has more than 93k followers on her account. It is no surprise as Kaari is just two years old and she is years away from handling her own social media account. Furthermore, she is the only child of her parents till now.

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On September 8, 2019, Ja Morant posted a picture of his daughter and wrote, “TIME FLY .. my babygirl a month old .. daddy can’t wait for you to come home & @kkdixonn i don’t think i can say thank you enough. i’m blessed to have y’all in my life y’all push me to go even harder i love y’all”

Dixon also posted a picture and wrote, “She’s so perfect & Thank you to everyone whose been praying for us. Just a few more weeks in the NICU, then babygirl will be home. Happy 1 month to our little soldier.” However, the post has been deleted now.

KK Dixon and Ja Morant’s breakup

KK Dixon with Ja

As mentioned, we don’t know when they started dating but that is not the only thing we don’t know, we also don’t have a single clue on when they decided to separate and got breakup. They did not even make it public but there are eagle eyes everywhere and the news got out.

So how did anyone know they breakup? well, it was simple what do people usually do when they break up? that’s right they unfollow each other from their social media account and delete every post. That’s exactly what they did and everyone understood that the two were no longer together.

Did Ja Morant date, Abigail Russo after KK Dixon?

No, he did not. Just like I mentioned earlier, Morant and Dixon broke up secretly, and after some time rumors started circulating that Morant is dating Abigail Russo. However, it again reminded us that we should not take every rumor on the internet seriously, why?

Well, because the rumor about Morant and Abigail Russo dating was all a smoke, not fire. Morant later confirmed through his Instagram story that he is single. He wrote, “Y’ll m*s love my name dawg i’m chillin, single & cool on females.”

KK Dixon Instagram

KK Dixon is pretty active on Instagram although it is not quite known if she is active on other social media platforms as well. However, talking about her Instagram account she posts pictures every now and then. Furthermore, we can even call her Instagram influencer.

It is because she has thousands of followers on her account. Precisely speaking Dixon currently has more than 23k followers on her account.

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