Who is an Actor, Kevin Mimms? (Movies, Girlfriend)

Kevin Mimms

Kevin Mimms is a very famous Social Media influencer. He is also an actor and he is from United States. Kevin became famous because he has played very memorable characters in a lot of films and TV shows. Some of his main roles include Bobby from Underdog and Quincy from S.W.A.T. Currently, he is one of the most versatile actors in Hollywood. In this article, we are going to be providing you with Kevin’s complete story. So, let us get started.

Childhood and Birthplace

Kevin is a Chicago native. He was born in this city on July 5, 1990. Mimms is from the South Side area and grew up in this side of Chicago. He has admitted that Hyde Park was his favorite spot growing up. But now, he does not live in Chicago. He has moved to LA. Kevin has finished school to start his acting career. But he says that he still misses the city of Chicago. He says that he mainly misses the culture and the food of the area. He also considers himself a town native.

Kevin started acting from a very young age and it was his father that pushed him into the profession. Kevin was always interested in Movies and TV shows and had a really huge admiration for the actors. His father noticed this and then made him go into acting. This encouragement helped him get roles when he was in school. He did many plays and quickly build up a talent for acting. After the success of the play, he became passionate for this profession. Kevin started his professional acting career at Chicago Academy of Arts. In this school, he studied Theatre. After this, he got enrolled at Webster University where he graduated with a degree in Fine Arts (in acting).

Kevin Mimms’ Early Career

Mimms started off with commercials. His profile in the commercials space is quite good as he has been able to do quite a lot of them. He has appeared in several ads as well as posters. The most recognizable one that he has is from Hyundai and you can see him on different adverts by Hyundai.

Aside from acting and commercials, Kevin also tried out as a DJ while he was in college. He had a real talent and was very impressive as well. He was also chosen to open for School Talent shows during this time. Unfortunately, he stopped Djing after college as it was not really for him. He focused on acting instead.

Kevin Mimms is also a very good entrepreneur. He has launched a company called Animal House Underground. This company began at a house party. The company was launched near the Webster Universities and it attracted students from this school. It was popular in the St. Louis region as well.

Making it to Hollywood

It is not easy to be a Hollywood actor. After his college graduation, Kevin went to LA for starting his career with his mother. His mother helped him with the initial setup. Kevin got a Mustang and slept in the car for a week before finally getting a room for rent.

But even after he found a room, his finances were not really stable. He had too much expenditure but not enough income. So, he did multiple jobs to make a living. This did not stop him from giving up though. He kept on sending application for roles. Finally, he started being booked for gigs even though he did not have an agent yet. Then, he got the State Farm gig and became a big deal.

He was soon approached by a lot of people in Hollywood and then started getting roles and auditions.

Relation with his family

Kevin is very close to his family but he tries his best to protect the privacy of everyone in his family. Although, he does have an Instagram account where he has featured many posts of his loving family and he has had multiple pictures on special occasions as well. He has even mentioned about any siblings on any of the Social Media Platforms. Mimms is also tight lipped on his dating life. He had mentioned a girl named Emily Gaither.

They met at Webster University where Gaither was a student going for a degree in Costume Design. Both Emily and Kevin liked each other but we don’t know if they are dating or not. They went to the premier of a movie together though so, there can be something. It is not finalized though!  Kevin’s social media also does not have anything regarding their relationship.

Social Media

Mimms has become a social media celebrity with an increased popularity after the State Farm commercial. He has gotten rick off of a fan base that exceeds 48,000 on Instagram. He is most active on this platform and most of his posts feature his acting work. Some facets of his personal life is also shown massively on his social media.

Net Worth

Kevin Mimms is worth to be around $800,000. Most of his income comes from his acting career and more generally, he earns with commercials. There is not much information on his salary though. Most actors working on commercials mainly make from $85K to $1 million dollars and his net worth is around this mark too, But Kevin is quite popular in his field so, he might even have a better net worth than most people. We think he earns a really good income with all of his income streams.

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