Who Is Kayden Gaulden? About YoungBoy NBA’s Son

Kayden Gaulden

Kayden Gaulden is the eldest child of a successful rapper, singer, & songwriter namely, Young Boy Never Broke Again (NBA YoungBoy). He is already immensely popular and has gotten decent exposure in the media as a celebrity kid. His father has released six independent mixtapes and steadily earned a cult following through his work.

He shares a great relationship with his parents and is often featured on his father’s Instragam. Altogether, he has five step-brothers, one step-sister, and one sister. He has a good relationship with his siblings.

In this article, we will be mainly focusing on Kayden Gaulden and his life. You will find everything you need to know about him in this article including his age, career, net worth, and more. So, let’s get started.

Kayden Gaulden is enjoying his life with his father

Kayden Gaulden was born on 4th July 2016 in Los Angeles, California, United States. He is the eldest son of a famous rapper NBA YoungBoy and his ex-partner, Nisha Keller. Surprisingly, NBS YoungBoy was just 16 years old when Kayden was born.

According to his birthdate, he is currently 6 years and his zodiac sign is Cancer. He belongs to the African American ethnicity and holds American nationality. Additionally, his father and mother have also welcomed a daughter named Armani Gaulden.

Unfortunately, his parents never got married and are no longer together. But still, he is enjoying his life with his father. Currently, he is enjoying the luxurious life of being a celebrity kid along with his siblings.

Kayden Gaulden has seven siblings

nba youngboy with kids

Kayden’s father NBA YoungBoy has welcomed a total of seven children. The name of his children is Armani Gaulden, Taylin Gaulden, Kamiri Gaulden, Kacey Gaulden, Kodi Capri, and Kentrell Gaulden Jr.

Apparently, his father had relationships with six different women who gave birth to his seven children. However, YoungBoy is also alleged to be the father of Kaell after Jazlyn Mychelle claimed that the baby was of YoungBoy.

Furthermore, he has said that he will be raising Kamron despite being born from his mother Starr Deejanee’s infidelity with another man. Let’s get to know more about his siblings. So, Kamron has one blood-related sister and six half-siblings in total.

1. Armani Gaulden: Sister

Armani Gaulden is the only child of NBA YoungBoy and his ex-partner Nisha Keller whose name doesn’t start with the letter “K”. She was born on 19th June 2020. According to her birthdate, she is just two years old and her zodiac sign is Gemini.

2. Taylin Gaulden: Half-brother

NBA YoungBoy welcomed his cute little second child Taylin Gauden. He was born on 19th March 2017 in Louisiana, the United States. Apparently, he was born from YoungBoy’s relationship with another girlfriend Niya. However, they are no longer together as they already ended their relationship.

3. Kamiri Gaulden: Half-brother

Kamiri Gaulden

Kamiri Gaulden was born on 6th July 2017 as the third child of rapper NBA YoungBoy. His mother’s name is Starr Deejanee and he shares a great relationship with his parent. According to his birthdate, he is 5 years old and his zodiac sign is Cancer. Currently, he seems to be enjoying his time with both of his parents.

4. Kacey Gaulden: Half-brother

Kacey Gaulden was born on 13th February 2019. He was born from NBA YoungBoy’s relationship with social media influencer Jania Bania. According to his birthdate, he is 3 years old and his zodiac sign is Aquarius.

5. Kodi Capri: Half-Sister

Kodi Carpi is the sixth child of YoungBoy who came to this world quite recently. She was born on 26th November 2020 from his relationship with Drea Symone.

Kodi was 7.5lb at the time of birth. The mother of the newly born baby girl took to Instagram to announce the news. She made a post with a photo of her daughter’s hand.

She captioned the post, “November 26th, 2020, on Thanksgiving Day, I was given a 7.5lb reason to become more thankful. I’ve been caught up cherishing the days after… it’s safe to say my heart is full!! Kodi Capri…”

6. Kentrell Gaulden Jr. : Half-brother

Kentrell Gaulden Jr. was born on 9th January 2021. He is the youngest child of the NBA YoungBoy and Iyanna Mayweather. The mother of the child took to Instagram to announce the news. She made a post with a photo of her child’s foot.

Yaya’s father Floyd Mayweather had confirmed the news of his daughter’s pregnancy with YoungBoy’s child. The baby was just born just a couple of months after the sixth child Drea. Floyd made a statement with Hollywood Unlocked regarding his daughter’s pregnancy.

He said, “I just want the best for my daughter. Always want the best. If that makes her happy, then we’re happy. I and her mother are happy. But what I try not to do is get in her personal business. Because once she’s no longer under my roof, then it’s between her and her better half.

7. Kamron Gaulden: Half-brother

Kamron Gaulden is the younger brother of Kamari. He was born from his mother Starr Dejanee‘s infidelity with another man on 19th July 2016. However, the fact that Kamron was not YounBoy’s biological child was found through a DNA test.

Even though YoungBoy found out that it wasn’t his son, he has decided to raise Kamron like his son. He even made a post on Facebook that states, “Wanna Be First To Tell Yall I Officially Found Out Baby K Isn’t My Child, But The Man I Am I’m Going To Keep Raising Him Like He’s Mine I Can’t Lie It Hurt To Find Out The Truth But Life Goes On.”

NBA YoungBoy wants to be the best dad

NBA YoungBoy had said that he didn’t think about kids at first when he was asked how many children he wants at that point in life. He added, “It wasn’t one of my goals.” But now it seems like all bets might have changed as we see him following suit with fatherhood so soon after becoming engaged–albeit being pregnant before the engagement.

YoungBoy is full of surprises. Now he says that he wants to be the best dad he can and he wants to teach his kids what’s right so they don’t have excuses.

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