Who is Kala Brown and Where is She Now?

Kala Brown

Kala Brown was held captive for more than two months chained in a container at the hands of convicted murdered Todd Kohlhepp.  Her entire life changed forever at the end of August when she and her then-boyfriend drove to Todd’s rural property in South Carolina to do some work. Todd shot Charles three times in the chest and handcuffed her to make Kala his sex slave.

Kala was fed once a day at around 6 pm in the months of captivity. Todd even threatened to kill her if she tried to escape and showed her graves on his property. Luckily, she was rescued by the authorities after visiting Todd’s property in search of Kala and Charles on 3rd November 2016. She had banged the walls of the steel shipping container that had been her prison for two months to alert the authorities to her location.

The Kidnapping Of Kala Brown

Kala Brown was born in Aderson which is a small town in South Carolina. She was 30 years old in 2016 so, this means she is 35 right now and she might have been born in 1985/86.

Anyway, she was dating Charlie Carver who was two years older than Kala. Charlie had been divorced recently. They lived together but in the August of 2016, the couple went missing. There was no clue as to where the couple went. Charlie’s mother said that the pair were missing. Leah Miller, who is a friend of Kala also reported this incident. The investigation started and it revealed the couple had not been in their home for a while.

Their Facebook accounts started to update all of a sudden though. They were posting pictures everywhere and it showed them moving away. The account also provided information about their newly bought place and their families thought that something was seriously wrong in these pictures. The investigation started and it took around two months. Using the IP address, the police tracked down Kala’s phone to locate the couple. They reached Todd’s property and they found Kala was chained to the metal inside the trunk.

What happened after Kala was rescued?

Kala Brown Found Captive In The Container.

The media blew the incident and everyone was aware of it first. Then, Kala started to reveal what she has been going through. She revealed that Todd was her employer. Kala used to work as a real estate agent and she worked under Todd. She cleaned the properties that Todd used to sell on the market.

On August 31st of 2016. Charlie went to Todd’s place for doing some landscaping work. But instead, he abducted the couple and chained down Kala. He even locked her in the trunk and then shot Charlie. After this, he got rid of their car as well. It was a premeditated kidnapping.

Kala opened up about the trauma she went through. She also gave her thoughts about it. Kala was abused by the captor and the trauma she went through was too much. Todd’s mother denied all the accusations too. Todd threatened to kill Kala and he even showed her the graves of people he had killed earlier.

Todd confessed to all his crimes in court and said that he had killed around 7 people by now. The brutal serial killer had also committed homicide around 10 years ago. Kala sued Todd for battery, assault, and many other crimes. He pleaded guilty so, the judge gave him life imprisonment.

Kala received $6.3 million before settling in South Carolina

Kala and Todd had known each other for five years before he abducted her. Her ex-boyfriend offered her jobs to help her earn extra cash and introduced her to a real estate broker. In the beginning, Kala and Charles had thought that the trip to Todd’s property was for one of Kala’s usual jobs.

But what they didn’t know was Todd was an evil person and she couldn’t even move or utter a single word after he shot Charles thrice in the chest. Later, she revealed what he said to her in Dr. Phil. She said,  “He [Todd] said it was easier to control someone if you took someone they loved.” Additionally, she also revealed that Todd had hoped that she would develop feelings for her captor and agree to live with him.

Todd abducted her and she had to spend the next two months chained to the side of a metal shipping container in the early afternoon. He would untie her only to force her to perform sexual acts on him. Her condition was so miserable as she was allowed only one toilet break per day and survived one meal a day.

Todd even tried to fool the authorities by updating Charle’s Facebook feed with posts claiming that Charles and Kala had gotten married, bought a house, and was expecting a child. Unfortunately, it backfired as he only succeeded in raising suspicion that all was not well. Later, police discovered that Charles and Kala were on Todd’s property on the 31st of August due to work.

The police had rescued Kala and they also discovered Charle’s body under the grave he was buried in. They also found an assortment of guns and rifles on Todd’s property along with Charles’s car. Furthermore, they also found a pre-dug hole next to Charles’ grave and they believed that Todd had intended to murder Kala.

Later, Todd admitted to Charles’s murder along with the other six murders, including a quadruple homicide from more than a decade prior. However, he avoided the death penalty by accepting a plea deal, which offered Charles seven consecutive life sentences. Moreover, he also claimed that three were more victims but he wouldn’t reveal their identities.

The judge ruled that Brown had suffered more than $1.5 million in actual damages and awarded her more than $4.7 million in punitive damages. In total, the court awarded her $6.3 million in damages from Todd’s estate. After that, she settled with her partner and their daughter in Anderson, South Carolina.

Kala faced further tragedy when she lost her fiancé

After Kala survived the two months of torture and sexual assault, she pursued a relationship with Adam Mayson. The two had already engaged before Adam died of a self-inflicted stab wound to the chest.

The doctors tried their best to save Mayson’s life but he went into cardiac arrest and passed away during treatment. After that, Kala gave a heartfelt statement that reads, “I am heartbroken today over the loss of my fiancé. Adam was a true gift from God. He brought me great happiness and comfort during a very dark time. Building a life together restored my joy and gave me hope for the future. Please join me in praying for God’s peace to be upon Adam’s family as they, too, are grieving this tragic loss.”

Fortunately, she was able to move on and started dating James Devon Moore. However, both of them were arrested for domestic assault in July 2019. After that her attorney, David Wyatt revealed that she was having a hard time.

Later, her spokesperson, Jenny Dial also told The Greenville News that she was off her meds when the assault occurred. Dial said,  “Kala was off her medicine, and she had an altercation with a friend which has been resolved.” Kala has decided to live a secretive and private life and has avoided headlines and the media since then. Unfortunately, not much is known about her life and family at the present.

Pop Culture References

Kala Brown has been in the media after the incident and she has had appearances in shows such as Dr. Phil. She has also made many news appearances, done interviews, and has enjoyed significant clout because of what happened to her. The most insane part is that she has also been referenced by many people all over the entertainment world.

She has also been a part of many Rap lyrics over the years. Eminem, particularly, referenced her on his album Kamikaze. Eminem said something like “I’m off the chain like Kala Brown” where he references Kala being on Chains when held captive. The rapper compares her escape with his own escape from the critics with the help of the idiom “off the chain” which the rapper uses as a Wordplay to deliver a punchline.

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