Who is JoJo Splatt? Young Dolph Murder Suspect

jojo splatt

Jojo Splatt is in the limelight because he is now the alleged suspect of the Young Dolph murder case.

Young Dolph was shot dead in South Memphis, after the incident, many fans of Dolph alleged JoJo for this crime and they are wanting him to get the punishment but till now JoJo has denied all the allegations.

Dolph lost his life at the age of 36 and this is heartbreaking news for all the fans and families of Young Dolph. Also, till now no update has there by the police and they are still investigating.

Who is Jojo Splatt?

Jojo is in the media spotlight after many fans of Dolph accused him as a murderer. He is also one of the rappers and friends of Young Dolph with over more than 10k followers on his Instagram he is still far from real success in the music world.

Splatt has recently released a single Free Mula on November 2 besides, if you check his Instagram account you can find out that he is never ashamed and never tired of showing his wealth to the world.

But at the moment the rapper is still trying his best to build his career in the world of rap and also planning to release more singles.

He was not so famous guy but now he is in the media spotlight and the internet is full of searches about this guy. Jojo caught people’s attention after going live on his Instagram account with Pre Chains.

Fans of Young Dolph have suspected him as a real murderer but as per the police, the investigation is still going.

JoJo Splatt denies the shooting of Young Dolph

The police department of Memphis has found a video that has made JoJo in even more trouble.

In the video, two men get out of the car and threaten Young Dolph with a weapon and the suspect was Young Dolph. This rumor started because some fans compared the dress of a killer and the photo uploaded by JoJo in his Instagram account which was uploaded on October 23.

JoJo and his friend’s dress and style have resembled the shooters this is what is claimed by the fans.

But Jojo has denied all of these allegations he also added a story firing the rumors where he stated, “Y’all drag ni**a name in mud, plant sh*t on ni**A and some more! Dam y’all must really hate that kid.” Replying to this, he wrote: “I’m telling ya.”

Young Dolph Condition

As per CBC, Dolph was shot on Wednesday after at Makeda’s Homemade Butter Cookies in South Memphis. As per the shop owner, Young came into the shop at 1 pm, and just after he arrived at the store, firing started which made Young Dolph lose his life.

Keeping attention to the shop owner statements, Memphis Police Chief has released a statement, This shooting is another example of the senseless gun violence we are experiencing locally and nationwide. Our hearts go out to the Thornton family and all who are affected by this horrific act of violence.”

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