Who is Joe Locke Dating? About His Relationship Life

Joe Locke
LONDON, ENGLAND – MAY 08: Joe Locke attends the Virgin Media British Academy Television Awards at The Royal Festival Hall on May 08, 2022 in London, England. (Photo by Dave J Hogan/Getty Images)

Joe Locke has recently come into the limelight because of his wonderful performance in Netflix’s newest coming-of-age romantic comedy streaming television series titled Heartstopper. He portrayed the role of Charlie Spring who is gay in the series.

The series features a hopeful story about the LGBTQ+ community and the story mainly navigates through the life of Charlie as he navigates his life through all the high school drama and meets a famous rugby player, namely Nick Nelson (played by Kit Connor).

Their friendship slowly blossoms into a romantic connection as Charlie hopelessly falls for Nick in the series. To put it simply, the series follows Charlie’s journey of self-discovery along with other inspirational queer narratives.

As a result, Joe Locke has become quite popular, and many fans are interested to know about his love life. If you are also interested in his love life then you are in the right place as we will tell you everything you need to know about his relationships as well as what he has to say about his sexuality.

Is Joe dating Sebastian Croft?

Recently, Joe was rumored to be in a relationship with Sebastian Croft. Sebastian played the role of Ben Hope in the series. In the series, Croft’s character is secretively in love with Joe’s character Charlie.

Furthermore, he is also Charlie’s first boyfriend who cared very little about Charlie’s feelings and refused to acknowledge his relationship with Charlie. He only used the relationship to experiment with his own sexuality. As a result, Charlie eventually ended his relationship with Sebastian.

However, the rumors about them dating in real life started when they were featured together on several social media posts. It was clear that they were very close which ignited rumors about them dating in real life.

One such example is given below where Joe has posted several photos of the two on a New York trip. Additionally, he captioned the post, “Strangely didn’t see any apples in the big apple??”

Sebastion has also commented on the post and has left three apple emojis to make up for Joe’s desire to see some more apples. His comment probably added fuel to the fire and some fans have been speculating about their relationship.

However, it is very unlikely that they are dating as it seems there’s a high chance that they are just best buddies. They haven’t addressed their relationship in the public yet but it doesn’t look like they have to because they seem more like close friends than actual lovers.

Joe’s relationship with his co-star Kit Connor

Like most of the time, some excited fans always link co-stars, especially if their onscreen narratives involve romance. Similarly, Joe and Kit Connor were also linked together and fans hoped that the young duo has a real-life relationship.

However, Connor has told Them that his bond with his co-star depended on their characters exploring their feelings for each other. He said, “It was instant. What can we say? It was an immediate connection that we shared. In a sense, as these characters got to know each other, we as actors and as people got to know each other. We slowly but surely actually started to like each other.”

Conor further explains that his relationship with Locke isn’t romantic but rather they are close friends. He explained by saying, “The way that Joe and I will banter with each other is very much taking the mick out of each other, and that’s not really how Nick and Charlie joke with each other. Joe and I are really good friends and it’s always a pleasure to share the screen with him.”

Kit Connor and Joe Locke

So, we can say that the two actors just acted out their scenes and there wasn’t something going on between them. There were some intimate scenes in the series, but Joe’s culinary preferences ruined the intimate scenes. Because Joe used to have coffee every morning before a shoot which made Connor considerable discomfort during kissing scenes.

He told Attitude Magazine, “It did mean there were a couple of kissing scenes where I was punished deeply. That was difficult for me. Maybe next time I should eat an egg sandwich or something like that before. Payback!”

So, it’s clear that Joe and Connor are close friends but they aren’t intimate in real life like what we saw in the series. 

Is Joe Locke gay?

As Joe portrayed the role of a gay character in Heartstopper, many fans wondered if he is actually gay in real life as well because in recent years many Production companies have shown an increasing illness to cast queers actors for queer roles.

However, he hasn’t opened up about his sexuality to the public so we can only suspect that he’s a member of the LGBTQ+ community.

Similar, allegations were made against his co-star Kit Connor and he has replied to his fans by stating that he wants to keep his sexuality and private life secret.

Joe has also made similar statements as he told Attitude Magazine that he believes that everyone desires happiness regardless of their sexuality. He said, “I think it’s really important to push the idea that no matter who you are, or what you identify as, or your sexuality, you’re allowed happiness.”

Furthermore, he dreams about playing the first gay Disney prince and hopes to get more opportunities to play LGBTQ+ roles, as he said to The Independent

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