Where is Jenni Rivera’s Daughter Jenicka Lopez Now?

Jenicka Lopez

Jenicka Lopez is a reality TV star who became super famous after she made her appearance in a hit reality TV show ‘I Love Jenni’ that highlighted the personal as well as professional life of Jenicka’s mother Jenni Rivera.

Rivera was a really great singer as well as a songwriter. Jenicka has had two family tragedies and it’s very much bad. Today, we are going to be looking at these tragedies and we will also take a brief look at some facts about her life. So, let’s get started!

Who is Jenicka Lopez?

Jenicka was born on 3rd October 1997 in California, United States, to Juan Lopez and Jenni Rivera. Her father is of Mexican descent but she is a complete American. She was the first child of her father whereas her mother already had three children with her previous relationships.

Her family loved to watch showbiz. She grew up along with her mother’s fame as a singer so, she had a really privileged life overall.  She got many chances in her life to do better and she also belongs to the Caucasian ethnicity so, there’s added privilege there.

Furthermore, she is a follower of Christianity and she is a vegan. According to her birthdate, she is 24 years old and her zodiac sign is libra.

Current Relationships Status

Lopez is very secretive when it comes to her relationships. The Social Media influencer has not really revealed anything about her dating life. She has the tendency to keep things private so, it is hard to find out if Jenicka is in a relationship or not.

She is probably not in a relationship as we haven’t seen anything suspicious on her Social Media handles. So, her current relationship status is single and ready to mingle.

Weight Problems

Jenicka has weight problems. She was a chubby child and has been gaining weight ever since. Lopez is a health advocate though and she preaches about a healthy lifestyle a balanced diet but she is opposed to doing extreme dieting and exercises that don’t really help.

Her half-sister Jacqie Rivera also struggled due to her heavy extra weight. But her half-sister who is also a TV personality has lost about 70 pounds.

And you can also watch her journey to lose weight in the new season The Riveras in 2018.

Her appearance and body measurements

Talking about her appearance, she has a pair of dark brown eyes and black hair. She has a fair complexion and her body type is chubby.

It is revealed that her height is 5 feet 5 inches (165 cm) and she weighs about 82 kg (180 lbs). She does work out every day to keep her body healthy. Some of her hobbies include Reading, Photography, Writing, Travelling, and Acting.


Lopez has a total of four siblings of which three are her half-siblings and only one is her biological sibling. Johnny Lopez is her only biological brother and he was born in 2001. He is an actor right now and you can see him on different shows like The Riveras and Crooked Stilo.

She has two stepsisters Chiquis and Jacqueline as well as a stepbrother named Michael (born in 1991).  They were born from her mother’s previous marriage to Jose Trinidad Marin.

Often times half-siblings do not share special bonds but this rule doesn’t apply to them. All of them share a great relationship. The family gets together every once in a while to enjoy themselves together and share stories about their life. They have a very tight-knit family.

Parent’s Death (tragedies of her life)

Unfortunately for Jenicka, both her parents have already passed away. Her father was Juan Lopez who was a Mexican native. He met her mother Jenni in the year 1995 and the two started dating soon. They had a small wedding ceremony but they had to separate in 2003.

Four years after that, Juan was arrested because he was trafficking drugs and then sentenced to a 10 year jail time. During this period, he passed away. The reasons were later revealed and he had died because of Pneumonia. Jenicka’s father died on 14th July 2009.

On the other hand, Jenicka’s mother Jenni was raised in California and she was a big name in the Music Industry. Unfortunately, she died in a plane crash. In the December of 2012, a plane crash happened in Monterrey, Mexico and this was the disaster where her mom was present. She couldn’t be saved.

Her Influence on Social Media

Nowadays, everyone is a social media influencer so, Jenicka is one too! Jokes aside, she actually has a good number of followers on her Instagram. She just passed 1.1 Million followers on the platform as of 2022. Her frequent posts are of photos relating to her life and they are normally well thought out.

In addition to Instagram, she also has a YouTube channel with more than 153K subscribers. So, she is actually very successful on Social media and she uses this fame to plug products and make money off it too. Besides that, she is available on TikTok, Twitter, and Facebook as well.

She is quite popular on TikTok nowadays as she has gained over 879.6 k followers with 11.3 million. On Facebook, she has got over 424 k followers and on Twitter, she has over 63.3 k followers. You can click the link below to go to her respective social media handles.

Instagram: @jenicka_lopez

YouTube: Jenicka Lopez

Facebook: @jenickalopezofficial

TikTok: @jenickalopez

Twitter: @jenicka_lopez

Career as a TV Star and her net worth

Lopez is an actress. She is a Reality TV star and made her debut in the show called I love Jenni in 2011. She had two years on this show and shared the screen with her famous mother Jenni Rivera and her half-siblings as well.

Lopez is a successful TV star and she has a good social media presence. Having a good following on Social Media can translate to monetary gain quite quickly and the same has happened with Lopez.

As of the year 2021, she has had a massive surge of income and she has around $500,000 in the bank. She has also racked a good amount of fortune from her TV appearances and her social media career. Her total net worth exceeds around 1-5 million dollars or so.

But this is still nothing compared to her mother’s worth. Jenni Rivera was worth $25 million dollars. The fortune was split between her children but we don’t know who got what amount of that massive fortune.

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