What is Jaden Newman Doing Now?

Jaden Newman

If you like to play and watch Basketball, you might have heard about Jaden Newman. She is an amateur basketball player originally from Orlando.

She is an up-and-coming Basketball Prodigy and she averages around 30 points and 7 assists per game. These are some crazy numbers. She played for her High School team at an age of nine. Crazy, right? At this early age, the NCAA Division I was already looking at her, and they were trying to recruit her to the University of Miami.

But Newman is still at her high school’s Basketball team in Orlando. Her brother is also a pretty famous Basketball prodigy. Jaden is also an actor in the show Hello Newman’s. You can watch this show on Youtube, Instagram, and even Twitter. Jaden is a talented basketball player and you must know about her because her life is very interesting.

So, let’s get to know more about her as we will tell you everything you need to know about her in this article.

Who is Jaden Newman?

Jaden Newman was born on June 13, 2004, in Orlando, Florida, USA. She is currently 17 years old and her sign is Gemini. Jaden’s father is Jamie Gonzalez and her mother is Vivial Gonzalez. She has an older brother, the 19-year-old Julian who is yet another famous amateur athlete.

Both Jade and Julian are of mixed race. They are part of the Jewish and Puerto Rican races. Their dad played basketball as well and he currently coaches in their high school. He also teaches history at his Kids’ school.

The pair study in the Downey Christian School. Jaden’s mother is Vivian who is a Puerto Rican who played at the University High School in Orlando as a point guard. After that, she served in the Navy before landing a job at the US postal service. Jaden got recruited by NCAA Division I program at the University of Miami, Florida.

Her appearance and body measurements

We all know, you need height and fitness for playing Basketball. Newman stands at 5 ft 5 inches (165 cm) and she weighs around 60 kg (132 lbs). Her height and weight are great for basketball. Her body measurements are 33-26-25 inches.

Additionally, she has got agility and is fast. She might be a bit short in terms of height but she is a really quick player with incredible shots. Her dribbling abilities are also great. This makes her tough to play against. She has a pair of black eyes and black hair.

Why is she famous?

Jaden and her brother Julian are both famous for being the first male and female athletes to surpass more than 1000 points at the Varsity prep level.

Their father coached them since 2012. He has been coaching the basketball team of their high school. The Newmans also have investments in the sports apparel brand Prodigy. The whole family is filled with Basketball heads.

Jaden is only 17 years old and she has a very bright future ahead of her. She has been famous on Social Media as well. Lots of people support her but she faces a lot of criticism as well for her poor performance. Let’s get to know more about her career, achievements, and net worth as well.

Jaden Newman’s Professional Career

Jaden is an aspiring player who first started playing basketball with her brother. She started it in third grade playing for the varsity team.

The first time she played for her high school was when she was only eight years old. The team needed a new player in the point guard position and her father Jamie, who was the coach suggested Jaden’s name.

Jaden was already pretty dominating and was playing at the local YMCA. She quickly became the youngest girl to ever score 1000 points in the prep level. These are just crazy numbers. In the prep level, she had 15 points and 8 assists (approximately) at the prep level.

She had around 15 points per game in her 5th grade. Surprisingly, she managed to double this average in the 6th grade with 30 points per game. After that, she stayed at the same average in the 7th grade, and then she got 45 points per game when she reached the 8th grade.

Newman wasn’t confident earlier in her career because of her height. But she quickly figured out the way to use that to her advantage and she became lightning quick in the field. This made her agile. Plus her technical skills such as shooting and passing increased and this made her stand out at her level.

She scored around 70 points in one game in one of the basketball matches in 2018. In the same game, she tied the national record for the most three-pointers ever made on a basketball game. She got 17 three-point shots in the game!

Who is Jaden’s sibling – Julian Newman?

Julian is yet another star from the Newman family. He is Julian’s older brother as well as a basketball player. Julian was born in 2001 and he is around 20 years old currently.

He became famous when he started to upload his basketball skill videos on Youtube. The videos got massive hits and recruiters came calling.

He was, at that time, Playing high school basketball for Downey Christian School and the school called him a child prodigy. A lot of people later took this title and marketed Julian as the next big thing.

Jaden Newman

She has achieved a lot at a very young age

Jaden got recognition all over the US for her performances. She made appearances on The Queen Latifah Show.

In addition, the NCAA Division I program has already approached her to get her in their program. Jaden, on the other hand, wanted to play for Connecticut because she has always been a fan of the UConn Huskies.

Jaden has also become a big media personality with appearances in Footlocker adverts along with Stephen Curry, She has even gone face to face in a three-point shooter with Curry.

In 2019, Jaden also made a song titled “I run it.” She made this entry to the Music with the Florida-based artist Chandler Bloom.

Current relationship status

Jaden Newman is only 17 years old and she is fully focused on her studies and career. Even though she hasn’t revealed her relationship to the media and the internet we can expect that she is single.

She is very young and has to spend most of her time studying and training. To focus on her career she must be very dedicated and hardworking. So, being in a relationship is not very ideal for her. But we can expect her to be in a relationship in the future and let’s hope she gets a great partner.

Her presence on social media

Jaden is quite active on various social media platforms like Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, and TikTok. She has got over one million followers on Instagram and over 351.6k followers n TikTok. Additionally, she has about 5.5 k followers on Twitter but she is not verified and she is also available on Snapchat.

You can click the link below to go to her respective social media handles.

Instagram: @jadennewman1

Twitter: @Jaden_newman01

Snapchat: jadennewman01

TikTok: @jadennewmannn

Additionally, she has also created a Linktree for easier access to her contacts and social media handles. The link is given below.

link: https://linktr.ee/Jadennewman

Net Worth

Jaden has achieved a lot at a very young age and she has started to earn money as well. She earns a lot of money from her appearance on the reality TV show “Hello Newmans”. It is presented on multiple social media platforms like YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, and Snapchat by Overtime.

She also earns a lot of money through Instagram as she has earned a massive fan following. Jaden also earns money as a professional basketball player as well. So, it has been estimated that her net worth is around $250k to $2 million. Please note that it is a rough estimation and her real net might be very different.

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