Who is Evelien Smolders aka Gab Smolders?

Evelien Smolders

Evelien Smolders, better known as Gab Smolders is a YouTuber and gamer who plays horror games and does live streaming on Twitch. She debuted as the gaming content creator in 2014. It has already been seven years since she made her debut but she’s still going strong as she is more successful than ever.

She has over 254k followers in twitch and has accumulated a massive audience of nearly 1 million through her laid-back dispositions and characteristically chill gameplay. She is currently streaming in the “Just Chatting” category of twitch where she interacts with the audience by playing games like Animal Crossings, Back 4 Blood, and Forwwarned.

She is mostly known as the girlfriend of famous YouTube star Sean William McLoughlin or simply Jacksepticeye. She also received massive support because of her boyfriend. She is quite talented and audiences flock to watch her dive into a soothing simulator or hop on the latest horror game.

Who is Evelien Smolders?


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Evelien Smolders was born on 11th September 1988. She was born and raised in the Netherlands. She was born the youngest of four. She is Dutch but she had once lived in Japan. She can speak Japanese fluently. According to her birth date, her zodiac sign is Virgo.

Even though not much is known about her family members, it is revealed that her father worked in construction, and her mother was an after-school educator who taught them the importance of responsibility. We will update this section as soon as information about any of her family members is revealed.

She loved gaming when she was a child and she recalls spending nights playing the NES at the age of four before switching to the Nintendo 64 after a few years.

She explained, “I was secretly getting up at night playing Mario 64 until my hands were cramped into the shape of the controller, which is ergonomically very bad,”. “That’s where it all started.”

Fatal Frame, a Japanese survival series made a huge impact in her life beyond measure. Her decade-long love for Japanese culture and language benefited her a lot. She received a master’s in Japanese and began working at a translation agency.

Fatal Frame became the catalyst for her noteworthy ascent in the digital sphere as she became the content creator at YouTube.

Career as a YouTuber

Smolders first successful series was translating the fifth installment of the Fatal Frame series into a collection of playthroughs for English-speaking audiences by focusing on her passion for translation and Japanese media.

She is currently verified on YouTube and her channel name is “Gab Smolders” and 712k people have subscribed to her channel. She is quite successful in YouTube as her estimated YouTube Monetization Capability [Monthly] is about $ 17.24K – $ 34.62K and her estimated sponsorship price per video is about $ 656.02.

Career as a Twitch streamer

She started live-streaming on Twitch, two years into her career as a YouTuber after she got advice from a fellow streamer “TheRPGMinx “. She probably thought about the benefits of having a diverse stream of income.

She is verified on Twitch and her channel name is “GabSmolders“, with over 255k followers.


She did some odd jobs in the past to make money before starting her career. But most of the people that live in her country are educated so she might also get the proper education. Though we can’t say for sure because she hasn’t revealed anything about her educational qualification.

Current and past relationships


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In the past, she was married to a YouTuber named  TaiyouInc whose real name is Pyke, until 2018.

But currently, she is dating Jacksepticeye who is a famous YouTube star. Similarly, Jacksepticeye aka Sean William McLoughlin had dated YouTuber Signe Hansen in the past, who is also known as Wiishu. They dated for 3 years until they announced their break-up in 2018.

However, they are both happy in their new relationship. Both of them have the same profession as well as both of them are the most popular YouTuber in the Netherlands. The couple is very supportive as they support each other in creating YouTube content and live-streaming.


Jacksepticeye aka Sean William McLoughlin is an Irish YouTuber, who is well known for his humorous Let’s Play series and vlogs o YouTube.

He is verified on YouTube and his channel under the name”Jacksepticeye” has over 27.5 million subscribers and 14.6 billion views. His YouTube channel is also the most subscribed Irish channel in the world. He has participated in charitable fundraisers that have raised millions of dollars.

He was born as the youngest of five children to John and Florrie McLoughlin on 7th February 1990. his birthplace is in County Offaly, Ireland. He was given the nickname “Jack Septic Eye” after an accident during a football match in which he injured his eye during his childhood. he was the drummer for a melodic death metal-influenced metalcore band called Raised to the Ground, with whom in 2009, he released one EP titled “Risen from the Ashes”. 

Even though he joined Youtube on 24th February 2007, he didn’t begin to upload videos until December 2012. He began posting gameplay videos under his YouTube channel named “Jacksepticeye”.

He uploads other types of content as well such as comedy sketches, short films, charity live streams, and Q&A sessions.

He is active on YouTube as he daily uploads a video. His content mostly consists of “Let’s Play”, comedy gaming videos, and vlogs. His content s either loved or hated by the people as it is characterized as an “attack on senses”.

In an interview with Irish Independent, he described the format of his videos as him talking and playing video games with a lot of swearing. He has also revealed that the key to success is by swearing, “There’s lots of swearing. The more you swear the better. People react very positively to that.” He has also said that his success is due to “an overall package of a lot of things; energy, positivity, honesty, and consistency.”

He also revealed that the main objective of the Jacksepticeye channel is to keep people together.

Net Worth

As of 2021, her estimated net worth is about USD 414K, and she earns money from Instagram Influencing, Sponsored Post, YouTube, Twitch, and many more. As stated above she earns lots of money and lives a lavish lifestyle.

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