Who Is Estelle Berglin? About Her Personal Life

Estelle Berglin is a popular social media influencer with thousands of followers. I want to ask you guys, have you ever wanted to become a magician? as they are pretty cool and they can impress anyone with their tricks so it’s not a big deal for them to impress a beautiful woman like Estelle Berglin.

Yes, I’m talking about her boyfriend Julius Dein who’s a famous street magician illusionist. What do you guys think it’s like to date a magician? let me know.

Are Berglin and Dein still together? let’s find out.

Estelle Berglin’s a descent of Umea

Estelle Berglin was born on April 26, 1997, in Umea, Sweden, to Joakim Berglin and wife. Since she was born on April 26, her zodiac sign is Taurus.

She grew up with her parents and a younger brother named William Berglin. Back in 2020, Will completed his graduation so his sister (Estelle) posted a series of his pictures and congratulated him through the Instagram post. Besides that, he has also appeared in Estelle’s few videos.

Her father works at Dignita AB as a marketing manager

As I said, Estelle is the daughter of Joakim Berglin and her father has several working experiences in companies like Kommuninfo AB where he used to be a marketing manager, and TDC Försäljning AB where he worked as a sales director.

After that, in 2010 he joined Dignita AB and since then he has been with the company where he currently serves as a marketing as well as sales manager according to his Linkedin account.

She is a graduate of Dragonskolan

Since she was raised in Umea, she went to Bräntbergsskolan, and later she enrolled at Dragonskolan, a local high school from where she graduated in 2013.

She also went to Phuket, Thailand, where she spent a few years and as per the reports, she also took a bartending course.

What does Estelle Berglin do?

I have already mentioned that Estelle is a social media influencer as well as a fitness trainer and she is pretty active on most of the social media platforms like Facebook, Youtube, Instagram, and Tiktok. She created her Facebook page on September 3, 2016, where she has 171k followers.

She has three Instagram accounts, her main account currently has 758k followers, and her fitness account has 117k followers, she also has another account which is her traveling account and she has 16.5k followers in that account.

Similarly, she joined Youtube on August 6, 2013, where she currently has 154k subscribers. Lastly, on Tiktok she is followed by 224.5k people.

As she is an influencer she has already worked with several brands including ‘Fashion Nova.’ She also has created a fitness plan and for those interested, you can check it on sweafitness.

Estelle and Julius has been together since 2019

Many may not know but Estelle and Julius started dating in August 2019. How can I be so sure of it? well, Julius shared a post on his Facebook account on August 26, 2020, and he wrote,

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A post shared by Julius Dein (@juliusdein)

“Happy 1 year anniversary to my gorgeoussss diamond amazing girlfriend Estelle Berglin who stole my heart at my Sweden show last yea Congratulations for tolerating me for an entire year. You deserve a BIG medal  ( all my friends will agree). Thanks for being my biggest supporter, my rock, my role model, and for making me a better person. I ❤️ you,” in the caption.

Even though they started dating in August 2019, they kept their relationship private until November when they were seen together in a Porsche to Joshua Kan, in London.

Are Julius Dein and Estelle Berglin still together?

They have not spoken about their relationship publicly however the last time we saw them together was in September 2020. Since then we haven’t seen either Estelle or Julius in their social media posts.

But are they still together? there are few online sites that are suggesting that they are indeed still in a relationship however if we look into their social media accounts, they are no longer following each other, what does that mean? I leave it to you guys to decide.

Body measurements of Estelle Berglin

As per the source, she has a height of 5.4 inches (1.62 m) and she weighs around 56kg (123.4lb). However, since it’s just an estimated measurement and it was estimated in 2021 so it may vary from her current body measurements.

She has dated other guys in the past

I don’t know if she’s dating someone right now but according to her past Instagram posts, before she became Julius’ girlfriend she was dating other guys.

For example, on January 9, 2014, she uploaded a picture of a guy along with her where she captioned, “true love” so many assumed that the guy in the picture was his boyfriend.

After that, she also uploaded various other pictures of her with the same guy. So we can certainly say that before she started dating Julius she has had been in relationships.

How much does she earn? (her net worth)

As I already mentioned, she has thousands of followers on her every social media account and she also gets sponsors from various brands, and it’s safe to say that she might get a pretty good deal.

In addition to that, she might be making 12 grand annually from her Youtube revenue and it does not end here as she has also created a fitness plan where people can buy kcal so she might be making really good money from her social media to her fitness plan.

And if we are to estimate her net worth then we think that she has an estimated net worth of at least $1 million.

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