Is EJ Johnson dating Milan Christopher in 2021?

ej johnson dating

Many of the fans of EJ Johnson are curious to know about his dating partner and life. Recently, lots of people are talking about his relationship in 2021. So, in this article, you will know everything you need to know about his relationship.

He is an American television personality, fashion commentator, and socialite who rose to fame after his appearance as the cast of the popular E! reality television series “Rich Kids of Beverly Hills” in 2014. He portrayed a fictional character in the first season of the show. But later he gained lots of popularity and fame and became the main cast member for the next three seasons. He has also gained a lot of attention for his activist work as well.

He was already a public sensation even if the series got canceled after four seasons. After that, he starred in his own spin-off reality series EJNYC that was released on 19th June 2016. It became the first reality series to profile a young LGBTQ person of color.

He had also joined the E! News as a news personality and commentator in 2014. He covered shows for New York Fashion Week and he also had a recurring commentary role on Fashion Place.

Even though he has earned fame and money, he admitted that he struggled with dating as he hails from a celebrity family. So now let’s look into his dating life and some rumors.

The Rich Kid of Beverly Hills series was canceled just after 4 seasons. But EJ was an incredible figure on the show. EJ also went to start his own show. The show was named EJNYC and it profiled a young black LGBTQ person. This was the first show to do this thing. EJ Johnson also joined E-News as a news personality.

Is he dating someone?

The answer to this question is unknown. He has admitted that he has always struggled with dating because most of the people that he met and dated turned out to be scheming people aiming for his father’s wealth. He also revealed that he hasn’t been in a  single relationship where he was sure enough to introduce them to his family. As we all know celebrities tend to live a secretive life, EJ is also quite secretive about his dating life. So, we can’t be sure if he is dating someone at this moment.

We will try our best to update this section as soon as we obtain the info,

In recent years has gathered media attention because of his unconventional fashion styles and his inspirational transitional journey. Even though he has attracted lots of paparazzi for his personal life, his dating life is still unknown.

However, he was rumored to be dating rapper Milan Christopher in the past. So, let’s get to know about their real relationship.

Is EJ Johnson Dating Rapper Milan Christopher?


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The rumor spread when they were spotted together at a Hollywood party. Both of them were present there but they haven’t really addressed anyone about their romance till now. EJ even got into a feud with his sister once. The feud was over a man who had been playing them both. This argument was quite heated and it grabbed the attention of fans. It made the TV show EJNYC as well.

Even though he hasn’t revealed his dating life, media tabloids have been speculating romance rumors between EJ and Former Love & Hip Hop star Milan Christopher. But neither of them has denied or confirmed the rumors. The rumors began to swirl after they were spotted out on a launch date at Hollywood spot, Toast in 2017. The rumors quickly picked out as the duo remained silent about this case.

EJ Johnson talks about his relationships

As we mentioned, EJ has gotten into a fight with his younger sister. He recalls that fight saying that he became close with a French model at a club once. The model’s name was Anthony and Anthony started to see Elisa (EJ’s sister). Things took a rather complex turn though as Anthony later became Elisa’s boyfriend. The EJNYC star was furious at it and this caused the fight.

The fight resulted in Elisa calling it quits with Anthony. While they were quiet together, the love triangle was more to handle for the family so, a breakup was the best option for them. It did gain huge attention and became prime TV for the fans. The argument was quite heated as well. The feud between the two siblings is over and they were spotted together one time when they were at the beach.

His relation with Father

Although his dating life has been difficult, his one relationship that has gotten stronger over time is his relationship with his father Magic Johnson. After he opened up about his transition, their relationship got shaky, upholding their promise to take on their life’s travails together. Their relationship has deepened over the course of the tie and is always on hand to support each other.

Now his father is proud of him and they were able to strengthen their bond as they have bonded over their lover for Lakers, shared meals, and routine hangouts.

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