Who is Dan Katz Wife? About Big Cat’s Personal Life

Dan Katz

Daniel Katz who is popular as Dan Katz also known as Big Cat is an American journalist and sports podcaster. Even though he is a journalist, he is more popular or famous for co-hosting the podcast ‘Pardon My Take’ which was started back in February 2016 and is still ongoing.

Dan shares the latest information about the sports world with his wicked sense of humor but it seems that Big Cat is rather a private person when it comes to his personal life as he does not talk about him or his family much on screen. If you’re a fan of Pardon My Take then you may have noticed that Dan does not share much about his personal things whereas other podcasters talk about numerous things including their personal experiences and problems.

But as mentioned Dan seems to keep his professional and personal life in balance and separate which is why there is not much information available about him so, in this piece, we will try and cover every information we have gathered about Dan Katz who is also known as Big Cat.

Little About Dan Katz


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As mentioned above Dan was born on January 30, 1985, in Chicago, Illinois, United States. If our guess is correct then according to his birth date he is Aquarius. Just like I said he is quite a private or secret person so there is not much information we could find about him on the internet.

But we have come to know a few things about him, there are various sites that say Dan is around 5ft 9 inches tall whereas a few others say that he is around 6ft 1 inch tall so we are not sure what his exact height is and approximately he weighs about 70 kg. Dan is a good looking who will turn 37 years old this January 30, he has a pair of beautiful brown eyes and brown hair.

These are the only known information about him, we couldn’t find anything other than these including his parents, siblings, or his educational background. As per the information we received he grew up in Wisconsin so I guess that he went to some local high school there. Let’s get to know more about him like his relationship status, net worth, and family.

Big Cat Relationships

Dan has a very private personal life but we know that he has been in a relationship for a very long time. We really don’t know the name though but his fans call his girlfriend ‘lady cat’.

This is a good name for Dan’s girlfriend because his nickname is ‘Big Cat’.

Is Dan Katz Married?


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According to the various sources, it is said that Dan is indeed a married man but who is he married to or who is his wife? So, when did he get married and where? Unfortunately, there is no answer to these questions the only thing we could get to know is that his wife is nicknamed Lady Cat which perfectly matches with Dan’s nickname Big Cat.

To be honest we don’t even know if Dan is really married or not but according to various eyewitnesses Dan is married and there are also a few Reddit users who believe that Dan actually went on the honeymoon when he went on an unplanned holiday lasting week on July 4, in Paris.

Certainly, Dan is capable of keeping secrets to himself and very private as many fans had no idea if he even had a girlfriend or wife until he announced that he was going to be a dad soon. He also mentioned that he wants to protect his wife’s privacy, “It has been a blessing to have her support me through everything: the trips, the work nights, moving to NYC, the 24/7 sports. She has had my back through it all, and I want to protect her in the same manner, and I hope you can.”

Big Cat is a Father of Two

As mentioned above Dan announced on Twitter that he is soon going to become a father on March 26, 2019, and after further investigation, we got to know that he and his wife are expecting a boy, and just like they expected Dan’s wife gave birth to their first child and son on June 19, 2019.

He even shared his son’s picture with his birth certificate with his fans and made the news public. The boy turned 1-year-old last year and will soon turn 2 this June. After sharing the news and the picture of his son he also added that he likes to keep his personal life private.

“This is all I will share here. The birth and upbringing of my child are not subjects I will be making content out of. A personal approach is the only way to approach this, there is no right or wrong way.”

He also asked fans to respect his resolution, “As much as possible, I want to ensure my future son has the most normal upbringing possible, including not exposing his childhood to the world. That is my personal preference and I hope that you understand.”

Nearly two years after Dan’s wife gave birth to their son, on Friday, May 21, 2021, she gave birth to their second child and first daughter. Dan shared the news on his Twitter account.

How much does Dan Katz make?

As mentioned Dan is an American journalist and podcaster who co-hosts the famous podcast Pardon My Take. According to celebritynetworth Dan is also a writer but we don’t know how much he earns or how much his salary is but his estimated net worth is $2 million.

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