Who Is American Correspondent, Dagen Mcdowell?

Dagen Mcdowell

Dagen McDowell is one of the most famous American anchors by now and she is also an analyst on the Fox Business Network and also a correspondent at Fox News Channel before she pursue her career in the media world she used to work as a dressing room attendant, beer seller at a golf course and many other jobs.

Besides this Dagen also has a martial relationship with Jonas Max Ferris and they had been married for more years by now. In this article, we will include everything you need to know about her personal as well as about her married life in detail.

Dagen McDowell Mother Died of Cancer

Dagen McDowell is from a very educated family both parents graduated from the University of Virginia graduate but we don’t have any information about her parents’ names and anything related to them. But many times Dagen has published a post on her Instagram account with her parents.

Also in 2018, Dagen announced that her mother was died from cancer by posting about it on her personal Twitter account and this cancer made her backbone and pelvis.

She also shared a photo of her late mom before six weeks of her mom’s demise and she also captioned, “Comfort, love, and affection are provided by dogs when and how they should be. Many humans flee from those who are suffering and race toward them during times of distress, but dolphins stay close and comfort those in need. Momma died six weeks after I took this photograph. The days and nights she spent snuggling with Charlie were among her fondest memories.”

Dagen’s great-great-grandfather name is Charlie McDowell.

Where is Dagen McDowell From?


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Mary Dagen McDowell From was born in 1969 and her birthplace was near Brookneal, Campell County, Virginia it looks like her family background is Irish and her ethnicity is mixed American.

McDowell completed her education at Randolph-Henry High School and later she graduated from Wake Forest University with a degree in Art History.

Dagen Did a Few Odd Jobs Before Started Journalism Career

Before Dagen pursue her career in journalism it has been heard that once she was a dressing room attendant and later she also did selling beer on a golf course. Her previous jobs were low profile but we are happy to see that respects every job and also did a great struggle in her life.

It has been heard that she also did many more odd jobs as well, but later her struggle was real and she entered in the field of Journalism. Her first work as a journalist was the role of financial journalist at the Institutional Investor’s Newsletter Division.

She was very good at her profession so later she changed her job and moved to thestreet.com as a personal finance columnist along with Tracy Byrnes.

Besides, she also worked at many other online financial sites like SmartMoney.com and SmartMoney magazine,

In 2003, she joined FOX News Channel as a business correspondent and this was her major job on big media house. When Dagen McDowell was the peak in her career she appeared on many shows like Bulls & Bears as the host, Your World with Neil Cavuto as a regular guest, and Outnumbered.

By now she is a business correspondent for the Fox News Channel and she is a famous anchor as well as a financial analyst for the media company. She also co-hosts Mornings with Maria and you can watch her anchoring on Cashin’ In.

Dagen was a business contributor on Imus in the Morning radio show for a long time as well.

Who is Dagen McDowell’s Husband?

Jonas Max Ferris

McDowell’s husband’s name is Jonas Max Ferris and they had been married for many years by now, they exchanged their vows in 2006, and their marriage ceremony was not so huge it was kept very low-key with inviting only a few friends and family members.

Many sources have also said that she bought her wedding dress from Kleinfeld Wedding Emporium which was based in Brooklyn.

This couple’s first meeting was happened on the show Cashin’In, while both of them were working on the set. Talking with Fox Business, Jonas also said that their show was totally ended by their arguments. He also added, “The cast of the show basically “plucked” Dagen and me to argue in a fun faceoff on the show… probably because of the way we argue.

Dagen also said that she was already married to her first marriage before she met Jonas, but we don’t have any information about her past life and also about her first marriage life but we are sure that she is happier than earlier by now.

Do They Have Any Children?

By now this couple doesn’t share any children as far as we know and there have been no social media posts made by them about their kids as well. But some online magazines and websites have shared that this couple is currently residing in Virginia with their daughter.

But still, now we don’t know what are these online sites are talking about we also assume that if they were talking about Dagen’s daughter from her past affair.

Anyway, this couple has also adopted a dog chihuahua and they named it Ramon.

Dagen McDowell Net Worth and Salary

As far as we know McDowell’s net worth is estimated to be more than $1 million because she is a senior journalist at Fox News and she is also a famous TV host.

So, surely she makes more money which can make her life on luxury. On the other side her husband Jonas is a famous investor, economist and economic analyst so, his net worth is more than $5 Million. Her husband is also owner of MAXfunds.

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