Who is DaBaby Dating? About Her Love Life

DaBaby Dating

DaBaby is an American rapper who rose to mainstream prominence n 2019 and continues to rise in his career as an American hip-hop star in the music industry. The real name of the rapper is Jonathan Lyndale Kirk and he was born on 22nd December 1991 in Cleveland, Ohio, United States. He was formally known as Baby Jesus but later changed to DaBaby. He has released various singles and collaborations over the years and his songs have charted quite well in various categories.

He had started his singing career between 2014 and 2015. We saw him releasing numerous mixtapes during the year starting from 2014 to 2019. He started rising into prominence in his career after he debuted with his first studio album “Baby on Baby” which peaked at number seven on the Billboard 200. Similarly, his second studio album  “Kirk” had more success as it ranked at number one on the Billboard in the United States.

He spent most of his early years in Charlotte, North Carolina after his family moved to this place in 1999. He is well educated as he has graduated from Vance High School which is now known as Julius L. Chambers High School in the year 2010. Later he joined the University of North Carolina at Greensboro but he didn’t complete his studies as he left after only two years. Apparently, he had attended the college only for his parent’s sake.

DaBaby along with his two older brothers grew up listening to Eminem, Lil Wayne, and 50 cents. As he rose to mainstream prominence, now more people are curious to know about his dating life and his personal life as well.  So if you are also interested to know about his dating life then you are in the right place as you will find everything you need to know about his current and past relationships in this article.


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Current relationship status

He is currently single and ready to mingle. recently, he had broken up with DaniLeigh earlier this year in February. Since then he hasn’t made any public appearances or given away any hints that suggest that the rapper has found a new love.

DaniLegh and DaBaby had made their relationship official in December 2020. But sadly their relationship couldn’t last long as they got separated only after a year. DaniLeigh took to Instagram stories to announce their breakup. On 7th February 2021, she posted a story with a black graphic with the word “OFFICIALlY SINGLE” along with a black heart emoji.

However, the real reason behind their split is yet to be revealed. But it is speculated that the reason why they decided to part ways might have something to do with the backlash DanLeigh received from her song “Yellow Bone”. DaBaby on the other hand was quick to move on as he posted a challenge to his Instagram followers that whoever would recreate a TikTok by India Love will get a chance to be flown out for a date with him on Valentine’s Day.

After the two got separated he made a post with the caption, “Best re-enactment of this Tik-Tok gets flown out for a date w/Baby on Valentine’s Day.” However, he has achieved or deleted all the posts on Instagram and only the posts from 24th May 2021 onwards can be viewed.

DaniLeigh pregnancy

After some months following their split, Danileigh took to Instagram to reveal her baby bump. however, she hasn’t revealed the identity of the father. But many fans speculate that it might be DaBaby’s baby.

The baby is a cutie pie and an adorable daughter. She has uploaded various photos with her daughter on Instagram and the baby girl is adorable and looks exactly like her mother.


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His past relationships and rumors

Besides DaniLeigh, he had been in a relationship or rumored to be in a relationship with “Wild ‘n Out” star B. Simone as well as MeMe who is a barber.

He was rumored to be dating “Wild ‘n Out” star B.Simone in early 2020 after she had appeared in one of his music videos for his single titled “Find My Way”. However, she has been open about her crush on the rapper in the past but it is believed that the two were newer in an official relationship. When he appeared alongside Simone on the American sketch comedy and improv game show called “Wild ‘n Out”, the rumors about them being in a relationship started to spread as fans picked on their chemistry. But it is believed that they are just friends and nothing more as the two haven’t opened up about the relationship.

Another girl DaBaby dated was a barber named MeMe. Apparently, they had met through mutual friends some years ago. Together, they share a daughter, and MeMe had been found on more than one occasion at the center of drama with DaniLeigh.  She has said that DaBaby is an amazing father and while he was dating DaniLeigh in March 2020 she got into an online spat. MeMe and DaniLeigh shared a series of shady sub-tweets after MeMe called her “obsessed” and accused her of blocking her.

DaniLeigh was also accused of being a homewrecker amid the allegations the same year but she denied the accusations and told that she hadn’t gotten between DaBaby and MeMe.

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