Who is Cylia Chasman? Her Jack Dylan Grazer Was Abusive

Cylia Chasman

Cylia Chasman is an upcoming star on social media. She has quite a decent following on Instagram. She has managed to get more than 470K followers on Instagram. Her Instagram is kind of like a vlog and she does the job of sharing her life on Instagram.

She gained attention in Social Media when she started a relationship with her boyfriend named Jack Dylan Grazer. The two initially had a private relationship but after a few things, their relationship started to make headlines. It was mainly because of scandals and abuses that Jack had done against Cylia.

So, what is Cylia’s life like? Let us find out today!

Cylia’s Age and Nationality

Cylia is an Instagram Model who is 15 years old as of 2021. She was born in 2005 and was raised in Los Angeles California. She is American by nationality but has mixed ethnicity.

Cylha’s Parents


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Cylia’s mother is Nadia Farès. She is a very popular French actress born in Morocco. Her debut role was in the year 1992 when she got o play in a comedy named My Wife’s Girlfriends. Nadia got impressive attention because of the role she played in a very successful French psychological thriller ‘The Crimson Rivers’.

In the year 2007, Nadia portrayed the character of Jade Agent Kinler. She did it in a war film that had some of the biggest stars from Hollywood. The likes of Jason Statham and Jet Li were in the film.

Recently she has been in movies such as Everyone’s Life (2017) and Lucky Day (2019).

Cylia’s father, on the other hand, is Steven Chasman who is a producer for many movies and TV shows. He was the executive producer of the 2019 film Fast & Furious Presents: Hobbies & Shaw. He is also producing the upcoming crime-comedy Kung Fury 2.

Childhood with her Sister

Cylia spent her childhood with her sister named Shana Leelee Chasman. She was born in the year 2002 in Los Angeles, California. Shana is into music and loves to play guitar. She is also quite famous on Instagram with thousands of followers on her account.

Cylia’s grandfather died in the mid-2000 and after his demise, Cylia’s only friend was her sister and the two share a really deep bond with each other.

Cylia Chasman’s Career

Cylia is quite famous for being active on many social media platforms. She manly got fame with Instagram, as we mentioned. In addition, she is also famous for her parents as both of them are huge names in the world of entertainment. She shares pictures on Instagram and promotes different brands with it. That is her main source of income. Not bad for a 15 year old!

Relationship with Jack Grazer


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Back in 2020, Cylia started dating Jack Grazer. The first rumor about their relationship started quite early in 2020. It was after Jack publicly posted a photo and tagged Cylia on it. The official confirmation about their relationship came in August.

Jack is also a celebrity. He played the role of Eddie Kaspbark and he was the one to share their relationship officially. It did not last long though. After a few months, the two basically stopped dating and they even removed posts of each other from their social media. But what was the reason for the breakup? Let us find out!

Jack Grazer was Abusive

There were several rumors online that said that Cylia’s boyfriend used to abuse her emotionally as well as physically. He used to pull her hair, punch, slam her in the door and even push her to the floor. All of these physical abuses was the main reason the two broke up.

Jack was bashed by Cylia’s fan online. Add to that, the real headline came when one of Cylia’s friends stated that Jack had been cheating on Cylia for more than two months. This was probably when the relationship between the two reached the last leg.

Any passion they had for each other was out and so, Jack and Cylia decided to split for good. Since then we don’t know if Cylia is in a relationship. Perhaps the relationship is a secret but we have no idea about it.

Fans of her also started a petition for this cause through change.org.

What is Cylia Chasman Net Worth?

Chasman is just 15 years old but don’t let her age fool you. She has an estimated net worth that exceeds $400,000 as of 2021. She makes money from her Social Media career. Cylia is currently living in Pacific Palisades in Los Angeles with her parents. Her father bought a huge property back in 2020 for an astounding $15 million dollars.

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