Who is Christmas Sweater Cop? Scandal Explained

Christmas Sweater Cop

More video from the wild night has resurfaced after Lt. Nick McGarry faced heat for enjoying a lap dance from colleague Vera Mekuli at an NYPD office party. The rookie female cop in the video had worn a revealing tank top and a tight miniskirt. She is seen vigorously grinding up against a male co-worker who appears to be bent down. It was also revealed that she twerked and gyrated back and forth with her hand up in the air before the cop stood up and revealed his ugly Christmas sweater.

With the power of the latest technology and the power of social media, the viewers have identified as the same person who was standing aside and enjoying while Nick McGarry was enjoying Mekuli’s seductive lap dance. It was during a holiday party that the R-rated fiasco happened as the party was intended for the employees of NYPD’s 44th precinct. The party was held at Rory Dolan’s bar in Yonkers. The rookie female cop settled on top of the lieutenant’s lap as spectators gasped in shock.

Mekuli is embarrassed due to her actions

What’s surprising is that  Lt. Nick McGarry is a married man but still he sat back and enjoyed the service. Besides that e even touched her thighs and grabbed her hips. Even the officer was seen smiling from ear to ear as his subordinate gyrated on top of him. But the leaked footage has caused a massive uproar and has angered many authorities and they have started to probe into it.

Initially, Mekuli’s identity wasn’t disclosed but after the cover has been blown completely her father is reported to sue the senior NYPD officer for encouraging his daughter into such an embarrassing and inappropriate act. Mekuli is also quite embarrassed and in a state of despair over her actions. Her father had also revealed that she is soo hurt due to this incident that she had been crying constantly ever since the news got out.

Her father had said, “She is young. … He is married, the lieutenant. He should know better. I am going to sue them.”

The second part of the shocking video

while the ongoing controversies had made their lives difficult, a second part of the shocking part of the video has been made public and in that video, Vera Mekuli appears to be intoxicated and vigorously grinds against another male officer. However, his identity is yet to be revealed but he is said o be one of the few attendees who had a gala time. The same person was also seen videotaping her lap dance with McGarry.

“(McGarry) knows he f***ed up. Messing with your subordinate is a no-no on the job.”, said an insider source in the police. They also added by saying, “[The rookie cop] doesn’t know any better because she just came on the job. I can’t even tell you how many times they tell incoming supervisors that. It sets a bad precedent.”

This is a very upsetting incident to the person who is involved. One of the upset people due to this incident is the wife of Nick McGarry named Melissa. She is soo upset that she cussed and lashed out at reporters who flock to their house after the incident. This incident probably affected their relationship in a negative way and Mellisa drove away after packing and loading some of her stuff in the car. While the disgraced cop has been slapped with a transfer order to the Transit department, he was seen taking the family’s Bulldog out in a walk.

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