Who is Celina Powell?

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If you are into hip-hop or you follow hip-hop artists then you may have heard about Celina Powell as Celina is one of the notorious names in the hip-hop industry.

For those who don’t know Celina Powell is, she is a famous social media star and model and her name is linked with famous American rappers like Snoop Dogg, Drake, Tekashi 6ix9ine, and many others.

In this piece of article, we will be talking about how she got her name linked up with Snoop and 6ix9ine, and also we will look into her life like when she was born and where and a few other things like that.

Short Biography of Celina Powell

As per the reports, Celina was born on June 13, 1995, in Denver, Colorado, she also grew up there with her family. Now there is no information available about her parents and we don’t even know if she was raised by her parents as her aunt brought her up with her three siblings.

According to the reports, she was a trouble kid who had no interest in school and would always look for problems. She used to date many guys when she was a teenager and even though she was not interested in studying, she had her interests in modeling and becoming a rapper. Like many of us, she also used to listen to various rappers and read about them in magazines.

She used to go to Wheat Ridge High school but after graduation, she decided not to join University and pursued her modeling dreams. She has a huge number of followers on her social media account and is also on onlyfans where you can watch her private videos.

While she may have made her name herself but her name went viral after her name was linked with popular celebrities and for your information, people also named her “The Black Widow.”

The Notorious Name in Hip-Hop Industry Celina Powell

As mentioned Celina is one of the notorious names in the hip-hop industry as she is linked up with many celebrities. Now let’s get to know who are the celebrities she is linked with and what their involvement with Celena is.

Snoop Dogg

Back in 2019, Celina claimed that Snoop cheated his wife with her, and in response to that Snoop said that she was telling the lies and even said that he plans to create a television show called clout chasers.

After that on December 24, 2019, Celina published a video on her Youtube channel titled “snoop, what’s funny? let’s explain storytime.” She explained on the video that Snoop cheated his wife with her and she also shared a few screenshots of their messages.

Also, 6ix9ine called out to Snoop a post (now deleted) where he also tagged Snoop’s wife and said that Snoop should apologize to his wife.


She also released a video on her Youtube channel on February 27, 2019, titled Drake texted me? And she also shared a screenshot of their conversation where Drake did admit knowing her but he did not show any interest at all he also asked her how she got his number.

Bryce Hall

Celena was live with her friend Aliza on Instagram and she talked about Bryce Hall and later she also released a TikTok video where she said that Bryce Hall go her impregnated and she also said a bunch of other celebrities got her pregnant including Eminem, Jason Derulo, and Offset and few others.

Dj Akademiks


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If you are a follower of Dj Akademiks then you may probably know that he is the kind of guy who’s in an on and off relationship but that’s not the point here the point is was he dating Celena?

The reason I asked that question is as per the reports, Dj Akademiks brought Celena a brand new Mercedes Benz G-Wagon. Were they only friends? I don’t know what their relationship was and I leave it to you guys to think.

Tekashi 6ix9ine

After the picture of Tekashi and Celena in a sexy position took over the internet but it turns out that the picture was pre-planned to click

There are also rumors on the internet that Celena has uploaded a sex tape of her with Snopp Dogg and 6ix9ine but I don’t know if the rumors are true or not.


As mentioned above she also claimed that she was impregnated by Offset the drama started back in 2017 and she stick to her claim to 2018 when Offset and his wife Cardi B were expecting their first baby.

She even posted the reports of ultrasounds and other tests and it also showed that her claim was true but later it was revealed that the test results and ultrasounds which she posted were not hers at all and it turned out that she was lying.

Was it for the fame? Well we don’t know the real reason why she lied about her getting pregnant by Offset but Snoop may be true to call her clout chaser, what do you guys think?

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